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W. C. B. M. Studios, Joseph Ellis, James Madison discussed on Mark Levin


W. CBM Baltimore range taking over the mid week forecast as a front sweeps in from the west or what can I. fifty degrees increasing rain chances for the late night and Wednesday quarter inch plus totals tomorrow looks like fifty high tomorrow fifty three Thursday with the previous day the week with some sunshine at sixty six and then another blast of cold coming in with the front on Friday rain showers high sixty degrees colder for the weekend find out more and more the weather channel on talk radio six eighty W. CBM the W. C. B. M. studios are brought to you by safe retirement solutions call rob burrow we four one zero two six six eleven twenty save for retirement solutions dot com hi this is state every Saturday morning from eight to ten AM the show was called you oughta know expert information on the repair of vehicles flea market and your phone calls the most powerful names and talk you want to know talk radio six eighty WCBS am the following program has been pre recorded no broadcasting both from the files of the hidden somewhere under the brick and steel over nondescript building we once again made contact without a leader the end hello America I'm mark live in our number eight seven seven three eight one three eight one one eight seven seven three eight one three eight one one before we jump in and we're gonna jump in full ma'am both feeder ready when the title story about something that happened on this date how may fifth seventeen eighty seven is written by Joseph Ellis at the American heritage great historian how may five seventeen eighty seven James Madison arrived in Philadelphia it's important remember this because your liberties are being destroyed particularly by iron fisted blue state megalomania X. he was a diminutive young Virginian about five feet three inches tall hundred thirty pounds in thirty six years old who it so happened had thought more deeply about the political problems posed by the current government under the orders of confederation than any other American.

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