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In the future with adobe premiere as much as fucking hate a davison doing my clips a help you adobe house that dude i know how to use adobe deflected in fact that my son. It's the fact that my laptop wants to die. We're working on that too. That's where we're going steadily get you. We're going to get you a six setup and all. I needed those pictures but you never sent them to me. Well you know i got. I can't take pictures on my own room. Just sitting here at the cows i gotta get mom did shit and my mom's busy woman panorama that shit i can't no no you wouldn't be able to understand wearing your phone hit record and just boomerang your phone around. Wait it'll get you want me to take my flip phone in record a video. Wha- timeout exactly stop it. Yep stop it now. I know why you don't have service. Don't blame it on the. Oh no it's no is the cell service. It's the service provider. It's us cellular. Nobody even my cousin who had smartphone. Kidding don't no seriously people believe it's my. I'm like it's not my phone by any means it's literally my area just like you said. He looked at the area the other day. It's my area then everywhere else comes down here. Everybody around me perfectly fine within like a ten mile radius at my house fucked. Bow like everybody into fucking ten mile radius straight up. I did get a call from patriot. Mobile the other day. So if you guys can send them a few hanson get bo fucking cell service and switched me over there. That'd be great. I couldn't talk to him. I was busy building some for entwined chaos but second reading zoom chat over here. You guys are fucking homosexual motherfuckers. Orangey do very inclusive. Have you learned nothing dude. We got transgenders that while bus. Oh that's cool yeah. I can't remember their name though. And i wish they would come and say hi to us because i miss them and it really bothers me. I missed the fuck out of them because they were fun to have during the show they would make me laugh. Hug troll of the but we need to take a break. It's ten thirty eastern on saturday. November tweet twenty. This is barrett soft. You're listening to your right here on. Wbz yard debris radio dot net. Somebody just left us. It was billy. Oh shit he.

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