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John. About what it was like for Johnny. She was great. Tell she has done. She hadn't done an interview on how long three years to three years, and she chose to come and sit down and do one with Ellen. And it was as if not a day had gone by she's been on this show. What now when you say she chose. I mean we. But she she she. My question is, is she hadn't done? Us in a while, but she had been a regular here. We had our at the beginning of a career her Annell, and it was like one of the most enter -taining interviews this year. Absolutely. And there's so many good parts about Ellen and her talked about shaving legs and washing legs may talked about what else. I know it wasn't your second. They talked about. They talked about cats cats. Of course, they talked about the cats. They talk about Easter eggs and Easter egg. I didn't know what he starts. About. Little hints. Yeah, I know that she drops. And they talked about Jonas, Kevin how. Taking she listen, take a listen to Taylor swift talking with Ellen about Joe Jonas. What is the most rebellious rebellious thing? You did as a teenager. Probably. When I put Joe Jonas on blast on your show. That was too much. Yeah. That was too much. Okay. I was eighteen. Yeah. We about it now, that was out, the yeah. Yeah, just all right. And teenage stuff there, that's held onto you because I don't remember that at all. What is your favorite curse word? Okay. You say you're and we'll say together on one two three one two three. One because it can also mean like, really good like. Who'd you share your first kiss with I it was my high school boyfriend when I was fifteen. This is true. True. Did you leave Easter egg during our interview? Yes. Really? Yes. It's on every word. No. Okay. Your friend invites you to dinner. What do you bring white wine?.

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