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Cannot be combined with any other offer or combo meal limited time only good to have you here for thirty eight get a fifty nine dollar precision furnace tune up by calling eight hundred nine four eight my brother can weather on the aids and when it breaks in Virginia going into Maryland on the in a live north down from the toll road jammed crawling all the way up toward the American Legion bridge two separate issues question the clear Barton parkway was along the left side in the clearing stages but still in play apparently then up ahead at river of the on going long term emergency works on blocking the left lane it was slowing down the north down George Washington Park with police Turkey run trying to get to the beltway elsewhere Maryland crash Baltimore support group is something you one ninety three you're getting bike to the left northbound inbound route for Pennsylvania Avenue north of three a one year Water Street the crash was there police through with it three oh one south down south of metal in the town road near here's Rhoden VFW road report of a crash there stay to the left to get by was done two hundred the ICC was closed for road work between New Hampshire Avenue and later wrote of the detour in place all weekend Virginia ninety five but then once in a crash your deal cities to what's the word clean but finally beginning to clear the list of most of the vehicles are out of the roadway now the police car still there blocking the left lane delays begin around dumb freeze the EZ pass lanes go north ninety five south of a slow from Wall Lorton toward Woodbridge that's volume sixty six east often slow from Dudley street would wash noble right typical slowdown Destry slow down on three ninety five south bound leaving the third's tutelage were to crash you may now either they should be out of the road this weekend stopping your look a staples and take advantage of weekend exclusive deals big discounts on the things you use every day staples I'm Joe convertible youtuber traffic as the weekend continues we go from rain showers and clouds and sunshine for our Sunday for your Saturday evening no need to take the umbrella as you step out this evening temperatures will be in the upper thirties to around forty degrees or rather delightful evening tonight overnight fair skies temperatures drop down to the mid to upper twenties.

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