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The controls was flying from the capital Addis Ababa to the Kenyon capitol Nairobi the plane crash. Just six minutes after takeoff. Thirty one miles southeast of the airport says correspondent David McKenzie is a very popular route that is often frequented by international business travelers United Nations workers between the two East African capitals. Now, they will have to try and figure out just how this went down and clear beautiful weather in the early morning commuter flights in east Africa. But no survivors reported by state media Americans and Canadians are among the dead along with many Ethiopians and Kenyans who federal budget deficit growing sharply under President Trump. But neither party seems to be worried about it. The president will submit a budget to congress tomorrow, but will not address the major drivers of the deficit, Medicare and social security. The budget does however call for cuts in many domestic programs. The Trump administration has been discussing putting in place of policy that would require countries that host American troops in times of peace cover the cost of keeping soldiers stationed there. Correspondent Sarah Westwood reports that a policy shift like this one. This is something the president has talked about for a long time is in keeping with the president's foreign policy so far one central Tenet of it has been the idea of encouraging burden-sharing the idea that countries should have more investment in collective defense. For example, with NATO. The president has been very adamant that countries should meet their commitments to spend two percent of their GDP on their defense. So even though this may be setting to some analysts this is sort of in line with where the president has been all along. I'm Christopher cruise. In west.

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