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On earlier today and is twisted as this is to say one of the people who I I think it's come out looking better in quarantine in and let's be real here we all are going to go into quarantine and we're gonna come out we're gonna be different people and that can be physical that can be mental but no one's come out of this thing missing I'm hoping that I can take off that quarantine fifteen I know Gabe Kapler has kept it to wait the entire time this is a guy who feels the chicken nuggets but we didn't get a great read on Gabe Kapler at least not a flattering look read on Gabe Kapler when he was first introduced obviously some controversy involved in his hiring by Farrakhan's ID didn't do a great job in my estimation of endearing himself during his introductory press conference it was a lot but you know what now we're kind of into a bit of a resume with him as the manager of the giants we're starting to get down a little bit no more this big picture stuff start to get down to the nitty gritty they had a little bit of spring training the team started to implement its ideas and concepts actualize them on to the field into the organization if we get baseball back and fingers crossed we get baseball back Gabe Kapler is gonna be the man in charge of now not just the twenty five man roster but now like a fifty man roster he's gonna be the guy handling all the minor leaguers and the guys who are going to be the future of the Jackson team that gets the giants back to serious contention to and in the meantime he's been doing media it's and he's been on these airwaves plenty of times and every time he's on I have like a little bit more they say the familiarity breeds contempt it's going the other way with Gabe Kapler he was TKB earlier does a real good listen if you missed it this is your chance replaying if you heard it the first time well you're welcome here is a second join.

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