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That's how i feel that statement should that be your might be a little my thorn shall be we didn't talk kirk he's not my third but as wannabe like who is kirk who is kirk kirk is like ramona's maybe new love interest oh yeah i don't know she's he's gay i i can never tell if she'd actually bring around anyone she's actually dating yeah i did member we saw that one guy she was dating he was like thirty yeah at that party yeah we should say we don't know if they were we don't know if they were dating but i thought he was cho's noodling part of you went to gabby to the season or party the ladies put it on like ramon sonia were hosting there's already tension then my thorn shell v o there was like a lot of sadness on potomac this week so i'll give it to potomac because ashley had that like horrible conversation with her mom being like yeah are you gonna leave this guy like she had to go the way her mom was like making excuses again just like the bathroom and you heard her mother me like what do i do my mom won't like help herself what am i gonna do yeah virtually impossible for me to help my mom if she doesn't want to help herself how one person could affect this it was really dark just really hard to watch and then we also found out this week that mooney miscarriage right just like all really sad i need some light on potomac so hopefully next week it gets a little i watched you will.

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