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I'm Steve coming a man accused of raping two women in bellflower and Lakewood high school. Is in custody a man is behind bars arrested for sexually assaulting two women within hours of, each other authorities say. Nineteen year old Joshua Cooper was arrested around three forty pm Saturday bellflower on suspicion of assault with intent to commit rape robbery. And attempted rape his bail is set at two hundred. Twenty thousand dollars Cooper is accused of attacking and sexually assaulting a twenty nine year old woman in bellflower and stealing her cell phone around ten AM Friday in about two and. A half hours later, officials believe Cooper sexually assaulted a teenage girl in a restroom at. Lakewood high school he fled when a school employee. Entered the bathroom Cooper is scheduled to make a court appearance in, bellflower on, Wednesday Joe Myers KABC news in its third weekend in theaters the film crazy rich Asians is not slowing down at. The box office here's. Mike, Cremedas studio say Romantic comedy topped the, domestic charts, again in wonder brothers estimates that the film, added an additional twenty two point two million dollars through Sunday down only. Ten percent from last. Weekend Should the pace of ticket sales hold it, could also have one of the. Biggest Labor Day weekends ever checking sports, in baseball the dodgers are now all alone and first place in, the National League West with a three two win over the diamond backs in the top of the third inning the angels and, Astros have no score looking at KABC dependable traffic a Sigler sixty eastbound a peck, road where a fatal crashes blocking on. And offerings stop and go back, to San Gabriel boulevard.

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