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At the watershed ted dot com more reaction to president trump's decision to replace the veterans affairs secretary with his own physician with the military analysts take here's usa's chris barnes retired general barry mccaffrey says he has mixed feelings at the choice of admiral ronnie jackson to head the va mccaffrey says on one hand jackson a combat veteran himself is a superb physician who's worked at the white house for over a decade and he's got the confidence of the united states i must admit though it's unusual to have someone of that background who's been running for twelve years now we've been running a couple of hundred people in the white house the now be in charge of one hundred and eighty billion dollar budget and three hundred and eighty thousand employees mccaffrey was speaking on msnbc for usa radio news i'm chris barnes us taxpayers won't be forced to continue to pay more than a quarter of the funding for peacekeeping efforts by the united nations john clements reports us taxpayers make the largest financial contribution the un's peacekeeping operations dishing out roughly twenty eight percent of its eight billion dollars in costs nikki haley the us ambassador to the un made the announcement during a meeting of the security council united states will not pay more than twenty five percent of the peacekeeping budget this is a cap required by us law president trump has long been a critic of the un claiming many allies take advantage of america i'm john clemens for usa radio news i'm wendy king if you're one of the millions of americans who can't work because of a serious injury orioles you may be eligible for disability benefits from social security receiving benefits is your right it doesn't matter if you've applied before in the.

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