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Otherwise otherwise there would be a in fact i would i would say and people would flip about this i would say the san antonio spurs would have been here a long time ago well i think we have a priest population and know the pros and cons and tech corporate welfare like i said i understand both sides and depending on what day i like it and then i don't like okay look i i don't know how to prove either one of us right or wrong i don't ever like corporate welfare they're not a good day for that there's not a right time for that i completely disagree but i mean i know what you're really talking about is is how is somebody going to spend their money there's no doubt going to along or football game is expensive it's a it's a three hundred dollar day most of the time it's really uncomfortable and awful that's three hundred dollars a day if your point is there can't be you know you couldn't turn on three hundred dollar night it's just impossible maybe but you're assuming that the people that go there aren't going to go to anything else i'm saying there people here from all over the country all over the world for that matter that aren't going to those games could care less that's still have four hundred dollars to spend on a day and we'll spend it and that's who this guy is going for i do think i think it would have happened a long time ago if somebody thought that they could get the tax payers to build the stadium i think there are plenty of professional franchises that would have come here because one they're not they're not as concerned about the person who buys a ticket and by three beers what they're looking for as an owner you're looking for sky box sales that's where you make your money you will you make your money on on media contracts but those owners are pocketing that sky box money and that's why this is such an attractive place i mean i'm not saying it's difficult for the spurs to sell skyboxes but it's probably a tougher and less lucrative way to go then it would be an austin veggies probably not that many places.

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