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Two men is not to say the men won't attend the yoga class or whatever but the vast majority just happened to be female now. Some things may not necessarily be wouldn't necessarily Super sense like for example if you were doing this coaching thing Especially if your mission statement isn't about. I helped female entrepreneurs or whatever than it may be okay the test especially in the beginning like let me just split this evening. I'll show it to whoever wants to attend and then facebook analytics tell me you know. Is my audience. Eighty percent men or eighty percent women or whatever and then from there you can kinda dictate your ad spend in your budget. Excuse me what if what if you do that. In the in those tell you that it's kinda like fifty fifty either way. What am i getting them. It's actually okay right because the part of part of where the personality part goes back into play and that's where it's like if it's fifty fifty. That's perfect it doesn't really matter because your personality still gonna shine in all that really tells you. Is that in the copy that you put. You need to be a little bit more. I guess you could say without being necessarily politically about politics in. It'd be a little bit more gender neutral you know like if your stories are if you're giving example you wanna talk about like if you're dating a guy or a girl as opposed to saying like so when you're dating some chick because that that may not necessarily resonate with half of your audience. Is that make sense right exactly. That's really just the examples us or were you can split the ads to be more to more. Maybe he'd be more males. Male centered in more female centered as well one hundred percent right. And so you can you can do. Instead of one at two different add sets one speaks a little bit more about to a female's perspective on something one versus a male's perspective and that's an easy way to do that. Maybe something like thinking about like an anniversary or valentine's day or something where you might have one thing where it's from the man's perspective which by this for your significant other your wife And that way you don't forget this year and like that's the entire gist of the ad. Copy this hough funny. Oh i need to remember to get her a present. The women's version might be like you know by your the the man of your dreams..

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