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So last week we covered pearl jam and their debut album from ninety one called ten and this is a band that kind of formed a surrounding the death of the lead singer from mother. Love Bone that's right. Yeah kind of like a tribute to him. That there is shared shared connection between Chris Cornell which is the lead singer of soundgarden and as we mentioned last week both Jeff comment and Stone Gossard of Pearl Jam. Were in mother Love Bone. So you know. Obviously they knew him very well and their lead singer. Andrew Wood had od I think that year actually. I think it wasn't nineteen ninety when he passed away and it's also worth mentioning and it's pretty much the entire Pearl Jam lineup. So it's Mike McCready on lead guitar. I don't know about the Drummer Mac. Now that yeah. That's Matt Cameron Matt Cameron. Okay yeah so basically was Pearl Jam plus Chris Cornell I think I think Matt Cameron was a drummer back in the the beginning for soundgarden. So they go. I mean that's just a that's the Seattle music scene rate. If you think about it that way right it's the members from Green River right with Jeff and stone. You've got sound gardens Chris Cornell so yeah Chris Cornell was actually a roommate of Andrew would So he died in nineteen ninety of a heroin overdose the day the Cornell got back from a tour for Masongorere ran so He wrote these two songs for his friend. Andrew when he went on tour in Europe a few days later and the two songs for reach down and say hello to heaven both ended up on this record So basically what happened was he gets home. From a tour. Andrew dies the same day from a heroin overdose a few days later. He's he's back. On the road touring in Europe and he writes these two songs on the road basically so he had the idea that like you know. Let me get a couple of other guys from other. Love Bone to record this with me. Just as an idea of putting out just like a a single like a two track to side single EP And then they pull on the rest of the the rest of the group cool the way the Eddie vedder gets involved with this record. Is You know he had already flown up from San Diego to rehearse for as we mentioned they were then called. Mookie blaylock so he came up there to to rehearse and he just happened to sit in on one of the rehearsals with Temple of the dog and provided backing vocals. That's go that's kind of the kind of cool so it's really interesting. What do you think about it because when we listen to the record now and when the record became a success Pearl Jam had had received the popularity of that point tenant came out Just a little bit later so like it's one of those records that kind of became more and more popular in. That's probably helped. With the fact that this was a mash up of soundgarden which had already been successful with Chris Cornell on the vocals and then essentially all of Pearl Jam which became huge. Just a few months later. You know so anyway cool. Let's let's listen tunes. Men are attuned Muslim woman. Short and sweet brother. Let's listen to a tune So the song that we played in For the INTRO was of course hunger strike. Which is the biggest? Probably the most well known song from this record So you probably recognize that. We're going to jump down to close to the end of the record and it's called your savior track eight and It also features Eddie vetter with background vocals. So here we go.

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