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How do you take down criminal network hidden in the shadows? I tell him that. I know that they're the ones who are running the largest child abuse website on the dark net the journalists working to expose the darkest corners of the Internet. That's your playroom for that's your baby's clothes. That's my house. The police ace who hunt down online predators. The environment. They're using no we didn't we didn't make it. They made it hunting. MOORHEAD subscribe wherever you get at your podcasts. This is a CBC DC podcast. Hi I'm Laura Lynch. This is a podcast from the December fifth edition of the current. But we're looking for in this throne. Speech is some clear indication that Mr Trudeau wants to really make a difference in people's lives and invest in healthcare invest. In Pharma Care Make It. Public and universal stopped taking editions kids to court tackle the climate crisis. Like we actually want to win it. We are more than willing to work together but we will not vote for something. That doesn't align with what Canadians need. That's n DP leader. Meet zing laying out what he hopes to hear later today when the Liberal government kicks off the forty third Canadian parliament with a speech from the throne for more on what to expect. I'm joined by Chris Hull. He's the CDC's National Affairs Editor and host of the House and he joins me from our Ottawa Studio. Hi Chris Good Morning. What do you think we'll be the headline from today's throne speech it's I hope that it's brief. We're expecting it to be about twenty minutes which is kind of a surprise Laura. You've worked here. If it's a big broad mandate type of letter that you're expecting from the from the government This I don't think will be it in. This is the reason Since Justin Trudeau has decided to make public of the mandate letters that he gives his cabinet minister in other words the marching marching orders. He sends to each and every cabinet minister. That has been a better clue. And we'll be a better clue as to what the priorities of the government will be so. This is more about the broad strokes. There'd there'd be three I think basic themes around the importance of collaboration. Not just with them. the other parties in in the Commons. We just heard from Jagmeet Singh but also with the premier's climate change will clearly be one of the key Measures that they WANNA talk about. If not begin to kind of detail that Jagmeet Singh like and the last one of course is affordability. It was a big I've seen during the campaign for almost all the parts making life easier for particularly middle class Canadians. But as you said broad themes where are the mandate letters well. We had expected them tomorrow on Friday They may be Monday. But they're coming shortly. I think the the schedule is a bit Knocked off by the NATO. visit that the prime minister just-concluded so either tomorrow tomorrow or Monday. We'll get a real sense of what the priorities for each of those cabinet ministers will be and of course the other dynamic here which is highlighted by what Doug Singh had to say that this is a minority government so liberals need to play Nice affect any concessions to to the DP's priorities or other parties priorities. I don't know there will be a nod to them. A concession may be too strong a word the the message that I was getting in talking to various people yesterday as the importance of collaboration to signal to Canadians that liberals got the message in the last election campaign way by being reduced to minority government by being blanked in in Saskatchewan and Alberta that they need to work and to listen to members of the opposition and to those premier so so I think there will be a collaborative collaborative sort of tone. I think for example under the heading of affordability will see a reference to Pharma care if if fall short of an absolute commitment to introduce universal single payer system. There'll be a talk about the importance of dealing with those costs. We heard from the PREMER's earlier this week that they want to see the the transfer is for healthcare to be increased. Not for new measures like Pharma Care but to deal with the growing problem of recruiting and retaining doctors of trying to reduce waiting times at hospitals. This sort of thing so I think that they do need to send a note that they have listened and that they are prepared to work with those parties to get things done would you. Would you expect any other. Bold initiatives lives in the throne speech about regionally nation. No I don't think so. I think there's an acknowledgement here that the government You know we'll have heard the message and they we'll talk about Some of the big issues that they have confronted but to your point. I asked a number of people yesterday. For example would the government considers signaling rolling in the throne speech a willingness to open regional offices for example the Ministry of Natural Resources Might Open an office in Edmonton where after all is sort of the headquarters of Jason Kenny's government but also a big part of the oil patch the energy sector. Maybe open a a a a minister's Office for Western economic development as an SASCHA tuner. Sooner Regina just to show that you're listening and you have a footprint in the area even if you didn't elect any MP's I don't know if that will be there but that was certainly one of the signals that a number of MP's he's told they would like the throne speech to include so as again with with a minority government. There's there's the issue of possible confidence votes. There's the potential for The other opposition parties to band together and pulled the government down throne speech could become a confidence vote or spending Initiative could become a confidence. Vote these they're facing these early on. Is Anyone angling to take the government down. No I don't think so and talking to both the MVP and Black Quebecois. which are the two one of those to the government would need to be able able to stay in power? There's enough MP from one or other of the parties to do that. The block recognizes. It has a A new foothold in Quebec in his willing and wants to show quebeckers. Becker at that vote wasn't wasted that they can get things done for Quebec. So they'll be looking on the climate change file. For example around pipelines what is the signal on pipelines and my understanding he is the Liberals are alive to that issue that they need to show they are aware of the block and the Quebec has a different kind of set of needs and desires in this the MVP quite frankly doesn't have the money to run a campaign again. And I think that they are also after being reduced from forty four to twenty seats. They need to show that they can get things done. Even even with the smaller membership and to give Jagmeet Singh an opportunity to prove that what we saw of him during the campaign his ability to strike the right chord can continue in the House of Commons. One last last quick point on that We are looking as you mentioned Laura for a number of bills to be introduced fairly quickly. This is only supposed to be a week or ten days that we have the parliament sitting before Christmas I think we're GONNA see legislation. That would introduce that middle class tax. Cut sometime next week to ensure that Canadian see that they are beginning to deliver on that. Promise I I think we'll see legislation to ban assault weapons After all this was a huge wedge issue for the Liberals Every single M. P.. I talked to said that the one big vote vote driver particularly no suburbs around. Toronto was harder stand. They're taking on firearms and gun control and lastly potentially a fiscal update to give Canadians a sense of where the books are. It may be in the context of supply bill because the government needs money to continue to operate. So these are the sorts of things will get an early indication of what Lisa legislative the initial shall legislative priorities will be twenty seconds. Chris and we gotTA talk about President Prime Minister Trudeau's hot mic comments at the NATO meeting in. US President trump calling him two faced. How big a deal is this? I don't think it's a big deal and Kennedy. US relations might be a bigger deal here. We heard both Jagmeet Singh and Andrew Scheer the Conservative leader talking about the misstep in very important international setting Justin Trudeau shoot over. Frankly should have known better. Instead of having a focus on the throne speech we spent a large part yesterday talking about whether he's hurt Kennedy relation all right Chris. Thank you very much okay. Laura thanks six. Chris Hall is a C._B._S.'s national affairs editor and host of the hosts he was in our Ottawa. Studio for more C._B._C.. PODCASTS Goto C._B._C.. Dot C._A. Slash podcasts..

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