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Berryville. How I couldn't even see the roadway and then we can see the cameras at the Bay Bridge with flurries. But the roadway just coded and this is a good time to remind you. Bridges, ramps and overpasses will freeze first. That was so interesting on your commute. You could call the w T o p traffic center 86630 for w T o p Married to pump the w T o p traffic. We have snow falling for another few hours with a winter storm warning still in effect along the route 15 quarter for the most part everywhere else under a winter weather advisory this morning By the time this thing is all said, and done around lunchtime, you'll see 1 to 3 inches of snow today. Most places right now reporting anywhere from about half an inch to even close to two or three inches. If Europe around the Frederick County, Maryland area, for instance, that route 15 quarter that's been getting some snow. We'll have more with storm team for a meteorologist Matt Ritter, just ahead. This'll is w t o p your source for today's top news, traffic and weather always connected and constantly updated. W T O p. Never miss a moment. Tell beauty. Opie's top news is brought to you by van Meter Homes. Find a home that's right for you at van meter homes dot com. Good Sunday morning. I'm John Doman. Luke. Luke. It is our producer and coming up. We're gonna have the latest on that heavy snow. How long will it last Storm team for his Matt Ritter is gonna be here to tell us it's Super Bowl Sunday on paper. This could be an amazing match up in at 9 42 is partisan gridlock sit to improve on Capitol Hill. Why the answer could be yes. Wtlv News time. It's 9 31. The big story Right now, the winter storm warning that is still in effect along the route, 15 cord or otherwise, we are under a winter weather advisory. It is coming down those early morning rain has turned to snow. Let's get the latest from Storm Team four meteorologist Matt Ritter. What's the shoveling situation gonna look like in driveways around the area? Gonna be wet the bed. The inches that people are going to be measuring of the snow are not going to be all that big, but it's heavy. It's wet. It's very compacted. Good snowball snow, and it's all gonna freeze solid later on tonight, especially north and west of D. C as a really cold temperatures are on the way. But right now it looks like most of the heavy snow was breaking up just a little bit, see a lot of light to moderate snow, occasional heavy snow. Some big, wet snowflakes from time to time, But we're well past the halfway point of this fast moving storm, and just about all of its going to completely out of here, close to the noontime Our some of this will change back to a little bit of light rain and drizzle but again. After we measure this snow and start to clean things up. We're gonna be talking about the re freeze later on tonight. All those details coming up a little bit later, John. All right. Thanks a lot, man. It's now 9 32, and it is also Super Bowl Sunday night when some awesome parties full of delicious food and beer kick off all.

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