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I'm having such a good day so high Still hyped up. Shame, Beeber. I can't lie. Really excited about shame. Baber really excited for his success. Really excited to have him on the show? Romer Love that conversation so much. Shane Bieber, Cleveland Indian starting pitcher, Ace Horse undefeated. Joe Joe. Friday is an 80. P day. You might recall that a t p stands for Ask the pros brought to you by O'Reilly Autoparts Think. O'Reilly Autoparts Father. Car Care needs get guaranteed Low prices. Excellent customer service at O'Reilly Autoparts better parts better prices every day. So I'm looking for somebody to step up and make that third our good one. I've already got Lucas Giolito coming up in our number three. I've got Walter Jones, a Hall of Famer coming up in our number three. I've got Alvin's week. It was coming up in our number three. Also quick reminder tomorrow. 1 30 Eastern 10 30 Pacific CBS Sports Network gets on the gridiron at West Point. The Army Black Knights. Welcome in Middle Tennessee. Do not miss College football on the 24 hour homos, CBS Sports. We've got college football this weekend. NFL right around the corner. Which means me and the gigantic head James Kelly been talking quite a bit of light. I missed him on Fridays. He used to come in here prior to the pandemic. Has not come in. So we were talking about that we miss having him around..

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