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Get through the end of Tuesday, January, 5th and elect to the United States Senate, a son of Savannah, Rafael Warner. I had a son of Georgia John all soft in the United States Senate to Democrats trying to unseat Republican senators David Perdue and Kelly Leffler. In the run offs Tuesday, President elect Joe Biden will campaign in Atlanta while Vice President Mike Pence will be in Milner before President Donald Trump Headlines a rally in Dalton, Lionel Boys, ABC News Now back to the Hill. Now we're later this week, a dozen Republican senator said they plan to challenge the results of the Electoral College. Doing so the call for a commission to take a closer look into the president's claims of voter fraud claims, which, as of now are still unsubstantiated. Other members of the party, though not happy with the move here, CBS is Nancy Cordes. Some Republicans tried in vain to talk their colleagues out of the plan. Nebraska's Ben Sasse. This is that for that's the country advance of the party, Maine's Susan Collins in time for us to move on Wyoming's Liz Cheney, the third ranking House Republican, argued the movie. Set an exceptionally dangerous precedent. But Vice President Mike Pence bless the effort Sunday he will preside over Wednesday's joint session which could last all day. We're gonna spend a lot of quality time together on lynching over the weekend that new Congress was sworn in, and today the 117th Congress is getting to work. Includes the newest member from Massachusetts Newton, Democrat Jay Cocking Kloss, a non er of a lifetime to represent the people of Massachusetts in Congress, as he stands in his Washington D. C office for the very first time talking classes, thinking about his grandmother model of public service to instill to me a deep respect for American history for our system of government, and he's clear about the first thing he needs to do. Short term priorities is coded, he says. We need to establish a large scale mass test. Thing program so that we can safely get kids back in person learning this winter Walking Cross says The greatest story of the pandemic is that science did the impossible by producing a vaccine in less than a year, but says the federal government failed to create a plan for distributing that vaccine. Suzanne Saz Ville WBZ Boston's news radio, and it's 12 20. Should the courts step in when there's an employment dispute involving someone who works for a religious institution? It was the question before members of the state Supreme Court Today they heard a case related to Gordon College on the North Shore. Margaret Dewey's. Boyd, a former associate professor of Gordon College, says she was wrongly denied a promotion and initiated legal action. But Attorney Eric Baxter argued the court should not intervene because the Christian College Gordon College, under the Constitution's ministerial exception has the right to make independent decisions concerning its employees. When employees plays a ministerial rule or has an important religious rule. The ministerial exception bars the court from interfering in the employment decision, regardless of the reason for the adverse employment action, But the professor's attorney says she had no ministerial function. She was just teaching social work. The question the court has to decide given the right to the First Amendment is whether they should step in when there's a dispute involving an employee of a religious institution. Carl Stevens, BBC Boston's NewsRadio 12 21 Later tonight, the last farewell begins for one of the nation's most beloved game show hosts Jeopardy. Alex Grieving last five episodes. Trebek taped before he died begin airing today before new episodes kick off next week with goat guest host Ken Jennings. Rebecca died 10 days after his last taping in November. Executive producer Mike Richards says he gave a sentimental speech that he somehow knew the world needed. What a game. Look, e don't you did to Debra.

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