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Gov slash 2022. 6 38. Traffic and weather only agency how things are going with Mary to Pompey and the traffic center. All right, John, for a long holiday weekend folks trying to get away on interstate 95 in Virginia. It's problematic running southbound hitting the brakes south end of Quantico, and it's steady heavy all the way to get past the Stafford exit, the one 40, and that is where people had been diverted. They lift the diversion, but about a mile and a half past the exit was where the fire from the early morning was located, clean up is still underway at that scene, and you would stay to the left to get by and a lot of folks bailed out to use route one, not an original idea, anticipate delays. A lot of folks trying to get back on to 95 from the center port Parkway. That is bogged down. 17 also the farther south can get you back on to 95 past the issue, but everything is beginning to get a little congested. Three O one at the nice back Middleton bridge. We had no incidents and currently no incidents reported through southern Maryland. Veterans, that's it. There's nothing going on in Prince William or fairfax county for 95. And again, the easy pass express lanes two points southbound, but they will jam up to join in the delay that's already established. The other issue on the Virginia side is on the beltway. Unfortunately, the inner loop, before two 36 little river turnpike, they just actually got everything over to the right shoulder, watch out for the kitty litter along the right side. They extinguish the fire, but now we have the clean up of a disabled vehicle. Nothing else on the beltway In Maryland and south on the Baltimore Washington Parkway a crash, it's after one 97 and you were staying to the left to get by and don't miss deals mattress firms July 4th sale get a king bed for a queen price and save up to $500 on select mattresses very to pump a WTO traffic. It's 24 clay Anderson pretty warm and pretty humid out there this morning. It is warm and muggy out there right now, John, but we do have some storms that will be here in the afternoon. Storm team

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