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Jamie dykes is here. And if you're easily offended by vulgar language or behavior this episode may not be feel and we'll talk about it on this episode of the mind dog. Tv podcast show and welcome admits yet another episode of the mind. Dog tv podcast. I'm apple coming. It's great to have you here as always We have a an alert happening here. Hold on oh yeah. Vulgarity alert if you are easily offended by vulgar language vulgar behaviour go find melts que. Me dykes as vulgarity alert. Jimmy dykes is a mother. And he And a little bit late. We'll find out why right now. Let's welcome jamie dykes welcome. Ev podcast how you doing well. Yeah what's going on dog uk. yeah. I'm a little bit Weeded out been a very crazy week. and you know you kind of picked up on it. You sent me that email this morning. That guy off in a bad way this week with day you get email address. It was a complete fucking. Obviously but as i was monday morning he was hachette. Wasn't it yeah. Yeah and it was for monday night but the guy had booked at six months in advance and the day of the program he wants to know what the format is like what you check me out before you ask to on the show. I mean i know what you're getting into you in due diligence. I i apologize for me being overly coming out there with my laptop on thinking. Oh there's no link coming through. And i realize when you mentioned me on twitter i oh fuck you sent you the link yesterday on. Just the normal format is i either get links through like fucking messenger on a facebook up twitter dams on twitter other than spoke to you once or twice on my sincerest apologies. They're not a problem. I mean i'm sure sure people into bail out in droves although I think stanhope is having his Tour kickoff live zoom about now. Defecting people. Doing something popped up on twitter. I think shady chant something Donald breed tweeted The his life but Full swing not start off in the state disney yeah. I think he's not getting to you until next year or something imposed originally twenty twenty event. It was Some date in twenty twenty in fucking drive don't march. I think him is that a matter what he's committed cod. If so i'm i've got tickets like in so i was going to be a fucking sweet gig pretty cool. Are you painting. Is that what. I see behind you doing oil painting off fucking convos from the bathroom because we done the whole fucking bathroom out and this was an old piece that we had in that so i might work desk and everything as well. It looks like you do in a bob. Rusting ran across the head and shipping. I'm trying to quit like a little. Decent little workspace slash podcast..

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