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I was like, why did you think you were going to get him back or have a chance at signing him at the end of the something? I was surprised that the size a little bit. Now I don't think it's that unfair but I also was surprised the dodgers jumped on it that quickly. I mean. I have a crazy. Breakdown his contract I gave it to me twelve years right. GonNa average out he plays. Within the amount of games 'cause we'll play games added into this. You know you go days off whatever hardened sixty, two games a year. Over twelve years. If he sticks his whole contract out, he'll play one, thousand, nine, hundred and forty four games right? Which means per game, he's going to get one, hundred, eighty, seven, thousand dollars per game to play. Money in the bank man I, don't have an issue with it. My trout, it gets got four, hundred, twenty, six, million dollar contract. So if you're going to try to guilt me into saying the red sox shouldn't have paid that amount. You're not gonNA, win I still think he's probably worth it. Given how much these owners are worth and I wanted to see him in right field and Boston into the rest of you know he was playing days Yeah. That's a lot. It's probably more than we would ever offered but if these sign with the Red Sox, I wouldn't have really cared that much for that price tag. I. Think he's just the touchable Oh might trout honestly you know he's not as good, but he's somewhere in that. Somewhere in that ballpark and I, think he look good and dodger uniform I think they're going to play with them batting second third that's going to be rotated throughout the time he looks quick. I'm fine with it. Honestly, the dodgers have money is shockingly the dodgers who have a lot of good players. They're not in a bad payroll situation. They didn't make that crappy David Price Contract So they're not as in much trouble as the red sox are. So ultimately like it's not a contract that bothers me that much the smart I, call it smart by the dodgers. Well, let's put it this way. I told you how much he makes per game. Hundred Eighty seven thousand dollars per game. All right now let's go with another recent contract citing. Five. Hundred three million dollars. For, ten years. For Patrick. Mahomes. Guy? Yeah. All right. We're GONNA. Say that if he plays all those years, all those games he'll have. Two hundred games under his belt. Yeah okay. Which means the Patrick. Makes per game. Two, point five million dollars game. Yeah it's better deal here. Yeah. Okay. so that's crazy but honestly, it's two different sports. Baseball is one hundred, sixty, two, game season football sixteen. That's just that's just the way it is. So it is a weird way to look at what I will say is that the the real difference there lies in the salary cap in football versus where you get to a cap in baseball and then the luxury tax. So. That's why baseball has more guaranteed money need these more guaranteed contracts. And that are much much longer..

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