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Rent is off. Food is up. Everything. No, it really has been really a tough job for laughing. Meanwhile, people are suffering literally and you're going to see you're going to see the crisis coming. You're going to start to hear in the media soon. The people are going and it's sad. It's really kids are going hungry. Now keep in mind, we just sent 33 more $1 billion of Ukraine. We have homeless vets on the streets, right? We have one in 5 kids that have food insecurity in this country. And yet, Nancy Pelosi is gloating about how much ice cream she's got her. And going back to the COVID, we talked about the 1% contraction. 1% contraction and every time the U.S. pulls GDP 1% GDP. 7 million people starve globally, right? So think about how we reacted to COVID, did nothing to stop it. Nothing. All kinds of economic damage, right? Somewhere, by the way, and continues to the left went so far radical, right? I know we're coming up against our we don't have a time allotment here, but usually try to keep it 45 to 45 minutes from now. I want to play an oldie but a goodie because somewhere along the line, these people went so far nuts. This is Joe Biden a long time ago. Now for those of you who have the chance to watch this online, you should do that. Even if you go, even if you move forward to this specific spot because you'll hear Joe Biden decades ago talking about how to treat criminals. There's a huge drug problem back then still is obviously gotten worse. It's gotten way worse underneath him, but he was going to be tough on crime, right? While the video part of this shows his son lighting up as he's giving this real strong hardcore message. If you start lighting up a crack, piece of crack cocaine, no bigger than this quarter that I'm holding in my hand. We passed a law through the leadership of senator thurmond and myself and others. A law that says, you're caught with that, you go to jail for 5 years. You get no probation. You get nothing other than 5 years in jail. Judge doesn't have a choice. Under our forfeiture statutes. He still like you, can the government can take everything you own?.

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