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Dramatic we're just talking to tom mcclintock about this federal tax reform bill and i say this story because john asked tomba clint talk about it it is true that the state of california collectively 'cause we got a lot of people that don't pay any income tax but yes we turn a lot of money over to washington dc as you know this a pretty good collection of very wealthy people in california look i thought you know like like trump they find a way not to that debate axis through some tax you would think but i read that the top 1 percent pace fifty percent of the income tax in this state both federal taxes california residents paid an average of ten thousand five hundred and ten now we weren't the highest connecticut actually was at fifteen thousand six hundred forty three dollars average per person this is for the year 2015 then massachusetts new jersey new york and then us but these are all those blue states they don't have two million illegal aliens to bring down the average mississippi and paid what five thousand seven hundred per person west virginia only six thousand inuit though southern states this is one of the great ironies southern states are are huge taxed strain compared to the tax money they produce the federal a yeah they're they're all activities mississippi received two dollars thirteen cents furby taxed are they sent the washing gap see this this is funny virginians two dollars in seven cents kentucky a dollar ninety one cal of health wage onto dead of this time because the number you quoted two tom mcclintock if an update we get ninety six cents.

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