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Drugs are a greater risk chris davis reports police believe the synthetics were responsible for two recent mass od's in indiana k two or spice is not marijuana says dr michael bowman with the national institute on drug abuse adenoid their man made chemicals sprayed on the plant material and sold under a variety of blocking the brand name who says it may be easy to od on the synthetics because the chemicals and nobody but the makers know what they are are sprayed on the plants unevenly drugs can have much more severe effect mike to recent many epigenetics in the capital city chris davis ninetythree wibc mobile news that one hundred birds have been rescued from a cockfighting ring and bartholomew county ashley fowler reports gaming commission busted the operation wednesday morning interested mark randall and derina herron on charges related to cockfighting the gaming commission in aspca are investigating no word yet on the condition of the rescued chickens ashley fowler ninetythree wibc mobile news room security officers and other bystanders were standing right there says howard county sheriff steve rogers when thirty six year old bryson small attack the sister and mother of murder deputy carl kunz the mother was shoved aside the daughter knocked to the floor and kicked in the head before those nearby took him down all within seconds it says the sheriff former indiana hoosiers player darrell thomas has died unexpectedly kurt darlene reports hamas died of an apparent heart attack according to the spun he was a member of indiana university's national championship winning team back in one thousand nine hundred eighty seven thomas scored twenty points for the hoosiers in their seventy four seventy three win over syracuse in the eightyseven final he scored over a thousand points in four seasons at iu before being taken six overall by the sacramento kings in the eighty seven draft thomas was just fifty two kirk darling ninetythree wibc mobile news one minute away from traffic and weather.

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