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I'm John Baxter. This is John Baxter Show. I do not follow the National Basketball Association, the MBA. I do not follow much National Football League, the NFL, But I do follow a major league baseball. And these last months have been tremendous turmoil in baseball because of the virus, and then With the tragedy in Minnesota, followed by the protests, followed by the violence problem, followed by the unknowns of threats, for example against members of Congress when they were leaving the president's speech last week at the end of the Republican National Convention. I have become lost as to what the complaint is or what the complaints are by these professional organizations towards well, what are they protesting? And who is the object of the protest? Andrew McCarthy National View Online and thirties Makarov American greatness her to help me Sort this out, they know considerably more about The N B A and the N F l than I do. 30 asses Very good Detroit fan and I'm sure the Andy has his favorites in the NFL in the N B. A. But I do not. So I've I regard myself as disqualified to comment here, but In general Andy, you've written a column about the N ba getting into Paula getting involved in politics these last days. That is not the role of an actor. I mean, they aren't thes. Very fancy actors. Isn't this a stage set that they're on to entertain people? It is puzzling to me why they want to get involved in politics. Since it takes a lifetime to sort it out. And even then we're not sure why did they do this? Well, John, I think it's because they're it's fashionable to do it. They want to be seen as social justice icons. They have enough wealth now compared tto the kind of money they used to make back when that they have a wholenother existence outside the playing field, and I don't actually begrudged them. Uh or anybody else their political views, and if they can find a forum to express them, that's an appropriate one. And they have people who are interested in what they think That's fine. But I think that the game itself Ought to be sacrosanct from politics and the attraction of sports. For all of us. Follow sports is that the game is a celebration of our love of sport and competition, and it's our retreat are Oasis. Politics and if the players are going to turn it into a place where a captured audience for a brand of politics that at least half the country Reject. I think they're very quickly going to find that sports is a whole lot less popular. That is It really is a problem, isn't it? Andy? I mean, you go to go watch a play. You don't want to see politics injected into there. So part of the problem is these athletes kind of like Bruce Springsteen trying to say is blue collar and sing about blue collar. The themes of the very time you know he's rich living in a mansion out in Hollywood or wherever, and it's about the street credibility of the athletes from the community from which they came from second, understand the pressure on them to make that point. But again, don't they risk alienating people who just don't care about your politics? I want to go somewhere to get away from that Because most people understand the politics is part of life. Politics is not life. Yeah, I think that's exactly right. And it reminds me 30 if you remember when, when Michael Jordan was in his heyday as a zoo basketball store for the Chicago Bulls. Aunt. He almost single handedly turned 19 into a huge multibillion dollar international conglomerate. And he got a lot of pressure when he was the best player in basketball about why he wasn't participating in a lot of the social justice causes and political debate to the day and his simple response to that he's reportedly People who know him. He's a He's a progressive in terms of this political orientation. But his response when he was pushed on that was Republicans by shoes, too. And I think that's a good thing for all of them to bear in mind. I wonder if we if we got in trouble when Babe Ruth said he had a better year than Herbert Hoover. I wonder if that was the first moment went when politics and sports got mixed up, although I don't think anybody ever took Babe Ruth to be A political activist. The puzzle here also, though, because again I'm ignorant of the N B A in the NFL. The puzzle here also is Thies air professional organizations with franchises that are worth a great deal of money. And our monopolies. In most instances, I don't remember the law. But there's some exception that allows them to operate as if they represent the city when in fact, they're they're they're high profit centers. Don't they? Isn't that something? We're wondering into Andy that that they're no longer as they're no longer deserving of this monopoly free life they're living and that Half the electorate could turn against them. Yeah, I think that's I think that's exactly right, John And as you described that it also occurred to me that there's something about modern politics that I find unsavory that's now bleeding over into sports. And and it is that it's kind of this age of micro campaigning and micro politicking. So it used to be in politics. The idea was you. You have this big old country and you try to draw as many people as you can. To your side by appealing to them, And then somewhere along the line, somebody decided that the way to win elections was not to do that, but rather to appeal to your base. And stoke up your base and get high participation at your base at the expense of the rest of the country, and that that was the way to win elections, and I think what's happening in sports? Is these guys see themselves as kind of a social phenomenon. Of a certain distinctive part of the population rather than something that's enjoyed by everyone and the N B. A. In particular wants to appeal. I think To a particular part of the population rather than the population writ large. I mean, they obviously like to be appealing to everyone, but they want to be seen as fashionable. Within a community that is that is by defining itself as extremely progressive and, you know, having a certain a number of political and social Attitudes, and they think that's the way to be popular. I think they're wrong about that. That is the last comment to you. Does this mean that we that we're gonna have a bad NFL season? If they all go political on this? Lori always going to have a bed NFL season when But the reality is his. And he was talking about Look, the very people who claim to be the most inclusive are the most exclusive people you ever wanted me. Thatis McCotter. American greatness. Andrew McCarthy National View Online. What's left of the baseball season. We can enjoy it. I'm John.

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