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Free the word with david platt is a resource from radical darden isaiah chapter seven team verse seven in that day man will look to his maker and his eyes will look on the holy one of israel the whole picture here and isaiah chapter seventeen is god denouncing idolatry denouncing all these foreign gods that are being worshipped crafted by human hands and god is saying there's coming a day when man will look not to the work of his own hands but will look to the maker the one who makes all things the one who is the creator of the world and one who forms and fashions our lives by his hands our eyes will look to him he is the holy one of israel and we will realise there is noone like him so this is a a day of eid dollar tree and isaiah chapter seventeen verse seven and we would be foolish to think that we are not surrounded by such idolatry an hour day right now as well the fact is we are tempted on a continual basis to worship other things to worship people to worship pursuits possessions position so many so many good things even that we are tempted to trust in give our affectionate in our attention to in a way that polls us away from looking to god giving our attention and affection to god supremely above all things and the reality is a day's coming when we're all gonna look at god is our maker and we're going to realize how feudal these things in the world were that we sought after and we pursued and we loved and even gave our lives two so we're just gonna root out to continually in all of our lives any every bit of idolatry any thing there were tempted to worship to trust and to look to to lean on instead of god so god help us replay god help us not just on that day in the future but this day right now.

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