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The author of several books including a exposes in excess. And we're so thrilled you're with us today. Your new book is out, and it is called. What would MRs Astor do? And it is such a pleasure. So let's talk about MRs Astor, and who she was. And what's what are we missing today as as as most people listening to this may not know, MRs Astor was. Cranky. They had good to talk to you. And I to heard from my mother who do you think you are MRs. Took a while. And we could say she was the Queen of New York society. And all America, followed her lead. It was about how you conduct yourself. How you behave at the best your manners. Your speaking voice. How you should be with other people how you should be at a ball or on the street or at a restaurant. And let's remember that was a time of many many you pencils at the table. What was the fish for? What was the cheese knife? Mrs Astor new, and if you wanted to be a respectable person in America in the late eighteen hundreds you better know too. And she was the one to set the pace and teach you. Yes. Yes. So boy Mark Twain would have the field field day today Whitney. He would he would indeed an fat Mark Twain and MRs Astor, perhaps we're at the same place in the palm court in the Waldorf Astoria Hotel, perhaps along a corridor. That connected the Waldorf Anthea story at two hotels, and that car there was called peacock alley. It was a version of what today we would think of as the red carpet. So in in my book, I needed to have have photographs and some drawings and illustrate there is peacock alley. And there were both there. Fancy ball, dress balls. There was there was not necessarily enough room in one's private mansion ballroom. So one booked a hotel such as the Waldorf Astoria. The guest list was exclusive crowd stood out on the sidewalk to see who came in. What did the ladies wear? What were their gills? And of course, the reporters, the news media social media of the day was the press, you know, this and Pulitzer and William Randolph Hearst competing with their New York newspapers and their reporters were outside crippling away the next day, all New York and all America knew who had attended. And what they wore. And how elegant they were what a day that was. Yeah. You know that Waldorf the walled off. I was actually I last year when I was in London. My friend booked the rooms at the Waldorf, and oh my gosh. It was just like going back in time. So elegant the courtyards that everything just. Yes. Different level, totally different level the decor. So in elaborate, so incredibly inside today, maybe some of your audience have visited Newport, Rhode Island, others might that's where the so-called cottages, which are really the mansions off, MRs Astor's era. That's where those those palatial summer homes are and they've been preserved and they are open to the public. So researching my MRs Astor book, what would MRs Astor do? Of course, went to Newport toward those mansions again seen them, you know, years past, but this was very different. This was a work trip. I had to get it. Right. Talk about those mansions talk about MRs Astor in Newport, six weeks in the summertime, and you better be there. If you were in the social elite.

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