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Bay teachers soon to be eliminated soon to be removed from the website by the end of the month Tampa Bay T. shirt but we have come up with a new T. shirt and it just says his name is Tom and we won't even put the Jersey number on the back but his name is Tom that way we let Tom have the top obey trademark and we'll move on we still don't have a winner for Todd scoreboard Todd maybe drop a hint Mario says that people are trying but you can't get the seven in forty are your numbers seven forty they're both related to this date in history all right I'm gonna go with I already mentioned the one earlier yes and then I'll have to look at this day in sports history on forty no we don't I'm not guessing Polly I'll give you one you know what I feel NFL related is the forty number okay so seven and four I got the seven I don't have the forty right well you got him to be a little bit of a hint there of what is a national record store day that's right okay we went around the room saying we could have one record and all time like album with the the vinyl in the the case on the sleeve everything signed by the artist artist or band went around the room one recap yeah but you guys I didn't understand it I just thought if you could get something signed by the Beatles and it's Abbey Road that makes the most sense now you can say Elvis or now do they have Bach and Beethoven could it do they have albums apoc box a box set yeah but you guys were picking me up pretty pics hall and Oates I'm not looking to make a booking I wonder what's meaningful to me that's the way I okay the experiment of the question was well I didn't know like if if it was my favorite band and I would say Led Zeppelin but I thought it was if you could get one album cover autographed by the band members then I would take Abbey Road let's let's take it out your favorites and you were just doing something iconic yes you are you're doing it like it's a business transaction that way like I as soon as I get this I can't wait to sell again well no in the investment would be that I have it I don't wanna sell it but it be great to put it in the man cave that that's what my thought process is always how would it look in the man cave and I think that would be pretty cool if you go on that's Abbey Road you got all the Beatles there instead of Hey you gotta autographs from toad the wet sprocket I mean it it's just not the same yep I went with purple rain by prince I'm guessing he's the kind of guy wouldn't do a lot of autographs and you don't most will don't get to meet that's why thrown him up there in are they haven't or did they do something last night wasn't a celebration in the fourth anniversary of prince passed okay in the I could see the purple one to another anybody else want to change there's the club in so I went out on Graham predictable I just look at a list it's about the cemetery most valuable album memorabilia wise without the white album actually being number one not Abby wrote by being autographed I just the most valuable vinyl record alone I like the Beatles are right to the top ten without white album at Abbey Road velvet underground's really high up there too and I had a lot of rolling stones those albums yeah this no I I'd fifteen hundred albums I had I had all the stones I had Beatles right Joplin who but we all those damn things and I was in a small apartment with my my wife and you know I I thought you know and let me get this out of here meet meet you know loves resents vintage damask love them you love if I was in like if not love I still have those albums may not be married but thanks that's a bummer yeah the club there's one version the white album that went for eight hundred thousand but don't worry about it you're fine I I probably didn't have I had collector's items the doors I I had a picture disc electric light orchestra the end color vinyl red and blue like I had Elvis Costello my funny Valentine in red national I just picked up damn the torpedoes by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers come until eleven Bucks is like stealing noon then still yeah I still get some vinyl some you know record people sent it in maybe they feel sorry for me because I I sold all of those albums for three hundred dollars yes I had pictured disco number a Molly hatchet pictured I can't just all this stuff there well look I'm over you know they died I did I made the right decision that that gave me more room to spread the love you know by getting rid of all those albums I had more room to be myself did you just say Molly hatchet picture disc yeah.

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