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Forward. And with that, we go to rob wood fork. All right, the nationals got some payback against the cubs. They grabbed a four one win propelled by a three run 7th inning in which CJ Abrams capped a three for three day at the plate with his go ahead RBI single. Alex called massive of his two run bases clearing double to provide the late insurance. Yeah, I just battling two strikes, you know, going through my normal thought process. And then just trying to get a good pitch and not do too much with it, but just contribute for our guys. Trevor Williams pitched a strong 5 and a third innings for no decision, hunter Harvey gets four outs for the win in relief, Kyle finnegan has now 6 saves on the year. The Orioles have easily erased in early three zero deficit in Kansas City. They lead the royals ten to four in the 7th inning, Ryan mount castle 5 RBI on the night that includes two long home runs and a long waits for Joel embiid is over after two years of being MVP runner up to Nikola Jokić embiid finally wins the NBA's top individual honor beat him out with 73 out of 101st place MVP votes that's nearly three times yoga just 15 on the court. The shorthanded heat starting to fade late here against the Knicks one O one 100 with one 38 left in the fourth quarter in favor of New York. Rob, woodwork, WTO sports. Rob, covering our breaking news tonight, Francisco, or opes in custody tonight, the 38 year old man suspected of gunning down 5 of his neighbors in Texas last week. We've got the latest with CBS News at ten. Hi. How

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