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Getting under way at this hour in Texas where he grew up and where thousands pay respects yesterday at a public viewing two weeks after his death in police custody in Minneapolis Floyd will be buried next to his mother in the Houston suburb as protesters continue to demand justice and change one of the biggest emerging debate since over the call by sun to defund police this idea of defending the police means different things to different people for some people what it means is taking money out of police budgets and taking functions that are currently performed by the police and moving that money and responsibility to different agencies but for other people that means abolishing the current police force and replacing it with something different around table with law enforcement leaders yesterday president trump said de funding the police is something that is not going to happen on his watch there will be defunding there will be a dismantling of our police on the democratic side of the island Congress there is some support for defunding police congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez supports reducing the NYPD budget by as much as a billion dollars in using that money elsewhere fox's John Roberts at the White House the president branding the idea as radical left presumptive democratic nominee Joe Biden says he supports reform but not defunding at a Senate hearing hunt chief Ben Carson defending the administration's coronavirus response and preparations for a possible second wave the council will work to ensure that minority and underserved communities are kept safe from this invisible enemy now and into the future Democrats say the president should have acted sooner help may be on the way for parts of the U. S. lacking broadband service including nearly six million underserved rural homes and businesses the FCC voted to adopt auction procedures to provide up to sixteen billion dollars in service the auction isn't scheduled until late October America is listening to fox news this report is sponsored by bill Plemons R. V. dot com it continues with one oh six one FM talk the back and forth over crowd size enforcement continues between the governor and Alamance county sheriff Terry Johnson responded to criticism last night from the governor who called on him to take action against a speedway they've held events that have drawn thousands Johnson though says he will not intervene he said it's not a political decision but one based on his understanding of the legality of the governor's order he said the governor's welcome to get a court injunction or you state troopers to issue a citation the push to re open bars and gyms combined forces Richard Stalin reports state senator Rick Gunn introduced legislation yesterday that combines re openings into one bill and includes an allowance for governor Roy Cooper to backtrack of coronavirus cases get worse it comes after Cooper vetoed a bill Friday that would have allowed bars to reopen at fifty percent capacity outdoors as it stands bars and gyms aren't allowed to re open until at least June twenty sixth unless the governor makes a change the governor is already facing a lawsuit from a group of bar owners I'm Richard selling high school sports get the green light to resume restrictions will be lifted Monday by the state's high school athletic association teams can then begin limited workouts investigators are trying to figure out who opened fire on the interstate in McDowell county late Sunday night two women told deputies someone from a dark colored sedan fired at them close to exit ninety on I. forty westbound they were treated for non life threatening injuries Asheville's mission hospital one of the largest sport fishing tournaments in the US is under way right here in North Carolina it's the big rock blue marlin tournament held in Morehead city last year's winner set a record with their catch nine hundred fourteen pounds and there's a surprise entrant to the contest this year Michael Jordan he was spotted aboard is eighty foot catch twenty three boat yesterday at tournament runs through Sunday I'm Carl Wilson well I think we might see a little bit more robust thunderstorm coverage coming up from the southwest this afternoon across the area with heavy downpours from time to time tropical air mass eighty eight this afternoon seventy three tonight I'm Scott Laurie more the weather channel one oh six one FM talk next news in thirty minutes follow us on social media go to one oh six one FM talk dot com to connect somewhere out there there's a man on a park bench eating his five hundredth P. B. and J. he has no idea Papa John's.

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