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I mean he'll just had very very solid players from year after year. They had frank war feel second base. It was excellent player. They had jake stevens at short Fairly consistent from year to year and again occasionally augmented by these big stars. We build in brooklyn lloyd for one year. John henry lloyd and that didn't work out very well I just think he didn't get along with bowl. The only played a year with hill But they always had a very solid core players and they had locals to. I think that was important. They always had a few local players. They bring in even talk about that and we're running out of time but interesting and then eagerly leagues those days they would do their own little crew scouting and they'd watch african american amateur teams and they might pull someone in and bring them onto the team that way. Jimmy johnson hall of famer started that way they told him off. The sandlot stuck him with hillsdale. He didn't make it the first year. Really and then a couple of years later he became a permanent fixture on the team so a lot of great players on hildale great stars and they deserve to be better remembered. I think one quickey on that one. And then i'll get to my final question Of your from your research you know of the quote unquote white media or white newspapers How much acknowledgment and or understanding would you say there was of hildale and the the quality player that was playing for hildale and the negro league play in general or or was there a lack of it. Was anybody.

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