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Death of anna nicole. Smith's suspicious how can you die in a hospital with nobody noticing. How can that happened when a few hours earlier you were fine. And the cause of death and daniel smith still remains unclear. Final official results. Come back and it showed. The daniel died of a lethal combination of lexa pro zoloft and methadone. Daniel actually had a prescription for lexa pro and he was taking so long to because he was anxious about his plight but nobody knows where he got the methadone. Anna's been on methadone three years so did he take it secretly to this day. No one knows how he got that methadone so in the wake of this nightmare there still remains an open question as to who the biological father of nicole. Smith's daughter howard stern's name on the birth certificate so anna nicole and howard side you go to larry king because if you're announcing the bother of your baby is where else you gonna go and i have been relationship than we love each other and it's been going on for very long time so you.

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