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A year ago the studio for their fine program in Rostock again brought the baddest Kagel wolves welcome back nice into welcome back good bye and so it sounds like welcome back in goodbye be careful trying to work that thing and I got your kind of thing right out of their work it work it work it or get forget animal for its not even a word I'd use use you're going to get even more ten when you come back that's right not that easy Danny wants to wipe down the seats I don't blame them and then he wants to wear latex gloves well that's a little silly you should bring some Lysol just spray the seat down I bring some wipes yeah you know you can always solve spread a bunch of dude wipes of stairs indeed showers bring that with you on the line to do the trick it's still good it's got the the the cleaning product on there doesn't make it nice and clean and others you need Lysol you need the powerful stuff if you're under carriage house your sprayed on and everywhere I do I would douse myself in it right I got your name I'm doing all the worse for you but who knows next week I'm just gonna start sneeze when I get on the island just I can see you're doing that just messing with everybody I cover my mouth off and now have a California right he's gonna put pebble beach and was right jealous I'm going to enjoy myself man god bless you Spanish based glass shell pasta TM Bo might even fit one in on Thursday if we if we feel like it god the living the dream at eleven injuring my guys get busy living get busy diets are writing that sits on so what we do that's what we do I'm trying to upgrade my driver right now said Michael Fisher restitution is gone yeah my core four years old maybe and a lot more years old and you're ready to replace your driver shots off the total car and to many shots off the domain name fourteen years old well listen you would benefit from some of the new technology the biggest big Bertha right now is not really idea now they've come up with better materials meant Big Bird better apps yeah I remember a big big big Bertha the bigger and then the biggest the biggest the biggest birth of the first time we saw that the size right ahead but now the biggest big birth is not even the the maximum size so what is it for sixty right born in sixty CC we have an axolotl Canadian club big **** this spent last week drinking a lot of Rome well when you're in the islands that's what you gotta do chairman when in Rome do as Romans do I know those rum punch cocktails have probably like sixty grams of sugar but I had all forty of them when I was a cat it's all out the window when you're sitting on an island vacation those three you're quicker down there sure what made it with a little water I hope to absolutely rum punch water the next morning fabulous vendor did they're so good they're so sweet and delicious.

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