A new story from Serious Inquiries Only - SIO57: Problems in Academia


So and not every clinical trial is going to be the same as so it's going to leave out things that are necessary for scientists and it and it turns out around half of clinical trials go unpublished judge just because everybody is trying to get the stuff that works in so it's it wastes time for science yeah also obviously predatory journals will exist to help you publish as an academic you want to get your name out there the predatory journal can send you an email and you're like well yeah i ever from zaveriuka by a lot of emails a really came in ied mailed from the stupid journals all the time like hey come publish something d as wanna talk about that do you get that already here at the lake here because i was something as very frustrating whenever i saw that mentioned with the conceptual pinas thing about lake the automatic transfer first off about how though is the automatic linked like that something that isn't recommended necessarily by other scientists as like we really think this is a good idea we're going to actually make a conscious thought i'll decision that this other journal could be good fit like that wasn't what happened at all is just an automatic lake the within that system of publishing analyze predatory journals are just of bill end to send out these these emails because i get those i mean it seems like once a week out in email for some random journalmyi might even got one from the cogent socialsciences let's like your work is excellent please publish our journal unlike doleyou can tell because like for me i don't have my doctorate yet and their label dr fuss yanni because the i for much ignore those so that's all anyone really does but as you can see like all these things coming together don't really help create helpful results in science and if people are pointing out all these flaws and you start getting bs papers everywhere it's going to start losing the public confidence in science as an institution just because everybody's getting all these results out that don't mean anything in overtime people are going to say oh well that that's just a study that doesn't mean anything when when really it's the bulk of the scientific literature that tells you what's going on soii don't know that i got a clear answer on how peer review should work.

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