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Like, I was the one weird kid on my block the one kid in my town. And then I went like verbiage I went to a comic book shop, and I was like, oh my gosh. There's other people that are into the same stuff as me, and I feel seen. And then you bring eight hundred of those people together, and they go and make a collective work of art. And it's so beautiful. And I see each person who did that shot. I see like Bob's animation. I see Peter's cameras Rodney's humanity and writing and and I get so moved because it also reflects the story that we told absolutely he's people who have an affinity. They does not even their fault. They get bit by something. Right. You know, that's one of the reasons we made miles and artists you get bit. And I've told people this before is like young people like I'm really sorry. But you're an artist, and you're never gonna be able to shake it. And you might try to be an accountant, and you're going to wake up at forty and you're gonna throw it all away and go and be a painter on the sidewalk. So you might as. You might as well admit it to yourself and get going because it's not an easy job at it is super necessary. And so I I get you know for clipped when I think about that. I think about miles and how he found other people like him who are talented like him that can help him lead the way and the the job they have to do save the universe, by the way, they have to do collectively. And and if you make if I can be super corny for a moment, I do think that that is the that is one of the dimensions of the artwork is that of making art is that your can be on the vanguard of big important ideas because you have the freedom to do that. You're not a politician. You're not you're not about the art of the possible, you're about imagining what could be and that makes me really proud. You know, this movie does some of that. You've got a really diverse Cass. We've got you know, a Spiderman who's Puerto Rican and African American I mean that is like a really special thing to us, and it has been a very special thing to a lot of people. That's. Hype is a terrible thing ruin so much. And so that's always really hard. But it was a very interesting week. When everyone I knew started seeing the film because all of a sudden, I was getting just constant. Oh my God. It's me. This is the most amazing thing I've ever seen. Look, I can see myself, and you can see yourself and an absolutely when you're a weirdo, which I think most of us most of us Sinophile or animation nerds like, yeah. Super weirdo. Definitely did not fit in definitely struggled like when you see something like that. And you go. Oh my God. It's me. And that's why we all need that. We all need those moments. But it is been really exciting. I didn't make your movie and I'm excited. Are reacting and how you know how happy it's making them. And that's a lot of amazing seeing people. That's the part that makes me the get the most choked up shared people like I feel seen only. Yeah. It's we're my kid. Oh, yes. Learn to me and said he looks like me, I know I know that's how I felt. It is really funny that I it it can seem simple to one person. And then it can mean the world is someone else. And anytime you do that. And it even part of why I love clone. High is I'm like weirdos made that because only someone is weird is me would be like this the genius idea. Guys. Let's see what happens rock opera about raisins. And it was brilliant. That kind of thing it's exciting, and it's fun. And that's a big deal. And as you say, you you do have to focus as complex as the visuals are the story has to just be simple enough to make everybody universally enjoy. And I love I'm a creep in a movie theater because I like to watch people because I like this..

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