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Federal government for the Trump administration's weapons sales to the United Our of Erin. That's the suit claims the State Department did not meet long requirements to go through with the sale. It includes sending F 35 fighter jets and rebirth drones to the U. S. A. For $23 billion. A group of lawmakers also tried to sail earlier this month, but were unsuccessful. Mayor De Blasio is declaring March 14th an annual day of remembrance in New York City for Corona virus victims, Scott Pringle files this report. The city's first covert related death came on March 14th and there's been more than 25,000 coronavirus deaths in the Big Apple since Mayor de Blasio says many of the victims were also victims of any qualities and did not get enough. Health care was a disease that affected everyone, but it did not affect everyone equally. So on March 14th each year. We remember also the painful lessons we learned, But it's time to re dedicate ourselves to making a difference and changing things. And he says the city will remember victims by being there for their families and honoring those who tried to save them. I'm Scott Pringle, WR do. Two men are facing charges for a fatal barbershop shooting and Franklin Township. Earlier this month, authorities arrested a pair of 30 year olds but the shooting death of 34 year old Denny Sanchez, police say Sanchez was shot inside the barbershop in the summer, said, saying. Vision of Franklin Mack on November 2nd. No motive has been disclosed, but both men face charges for murder, robbery and weapons possession. Covert relief payments are starting to show up in bank accounts. Direct deposit payments started on Tuesday, and paper checks began going out on Wednesday. This time around. The checks are only for $600 per person, plus an extra 600 for each child Under 17. The new bill also gives unemployed workers an extra $300 on top of their state benefits for the next 11 weeks. We'll check this Floorboard and your W Whoa. Our weather channel forecast coming up next first. Here's w o R traffic with Cindy Weightman. I'm Cindy Weightman with your W O R traffic street closures are still in effect for New Year's Eve festivities. 42nd Street. Through 49th Street in the area of six through eight avenues. Alternate side parking rules are suspended today for New Year's meters will not be in effect. If you're taking a ride on the BQE eastbound the off ramp to Cadman Plaza is still closed with a long term project till further notice. Queensboro Bridge Lower level outer roadway. Queens, bound, closed up with nightly maintenance here had to move across. Things are looking pretty good. Lincoln Tunnel has the center too close with road work till 8 A.m. and through a south and exit 14 a right and center lanes are closed up with an accident. Our next traffic update is coming up in 10 minutes on.

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