Indianapolis, Cardinal Theodore Mccarrick, President Trump discussed on Tony Katz and the Morning News


Mobile news on the level on the go, making the best out of what she calls a difficult situation. Cloudy and 46 degrees on Monument Circle. Today's high 52 on John Herrick. Here's What's trending at 6 31. The grand jury's decision and Indianapolis is not to indict Officer Dodge or Mercer, the any police officer who shot and killed Rayshawn read on May 6th after a chase. I have to believe that justice was done because I trust our system. I trust our judicial system. Special prosecutor Rosemary Curry says she's empathetic to both sides. The Reid family and the cop who may have had no choice about 100 people showed up to protest that ruling Tuesday night. This protester with a message for Reed's family, I agree with you, but I don't know how you will ever be able to get through. I hope Andy 10. Black lives, matter says they'll be out protest Ng again tonight Pope Francis promising to end sexual abuse in the Catholic Church. The pontiff made his pledge today his first since the release of a report on how the Vatican handled the case of former US Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, who served as the archbishop of Washington, D. C. The report found that McCarrick had been promoted by Pope John Paul, the second despite rumors of sexual abuse. Just one of a Siri's of failings concerning the Cardinal Joe Biden is the president elect and president Trump is contesting the elections results but to Georgia Senate races could determine the balance of power. Democrat John Assaraf versus Republican Senator David Perdue and Senator Kelly Leffler versus Democrat Raphael Warnock Vice President Mike Pence expected in Georgia next week to give the Senators of push. Meanwhile, Stacey Abrams has already raised $6 million for the Den's Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer hitting out Flor and Purdue calling on the Georgia secretary of state to resign As Fox's Marianne Rafferty reporting today is veteran's day in our nation's capital. The wreath laying will still take place at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery and other memorials such as the Vietnam War Memorial, Korean Memorial and much more. I'm John Harris on the level on the going on Twitter at 93. W. Y. B C and W II be si dot com. This isn't something the end of business radio. I'm Gary. Pick the pandemic is not slowing down. One Indiana third party logistics firm, Far from it in Indianapolis. Space spot Freight, which just last year expanded its downtown Indianapolis headquarters is now looking to have 200 sales and related positions in Indiana co founder and president Andrew Elstner says technology is driving growth. The stuff we're doing today, with very so much like a ride, hailing app connecting drivers.

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