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To coast AM is on KOA, NewsRadio eight fifty AM and ninety four one FM. And welcome back. Our final segment would Steve gorham, Steve when you're Atta vents, what seems to be the question that most people want answered. Well, there are many. You know, I speak a lot to businesses and one of the things I I run across is they tell me you're preaching to the choir. But the funny thing is though, they don't realize that the majority of US business thinks that the climate laws and the energy laws are foolish in many ways. The headlines are grabbed by a lot of the big companies like apple and Google and the political leaders, but but the kind of the rank and file of of American business thinks a little bit different. But they don't realize that they're in a majority. So it's a little bit of a strange situation. Let's see what are some of the other major questions. Why why are all the climate models? Wrong is is something that people come up with and it has to do with some of the assumptions are they concerned about anything. Well, they've, you know, back in nineteen ninety the United Nations in the intergovernmental panel on climate change predicted that temperatures would rise three tenths of a degree celsius per decade with a max of five tenths and a low of two tenths. And if you plot those on chart, those rights pretty fast, but over the last thirty years, we've we've had much less than that. So we're we're below the estimates of the United Nations that they made in nineteen ninety. We're not seeing the the rice that was forecasted which basically says the assumptions of the climate miles are wrong and natural factors dominate global temperatures. Let's go to Joe in Long Island New York, east of the Rockies. Hey, joe. Go ahead. Steve interesting show. Actually, I want climate change. I want it to be warmer. But. Questions and a comment got a quick my first question what they we just had? Fanton Indonesian, unfortunately. And they said that they weren't really warned that that was supposed to be a beacon that was working with the people could have. This thing. So I relate this to ocean temperatures how well monitored all ocean temperatures and the satellites come into play with anything to do with that a second question would be the political climate. You know, all they talk about the last couple of weeks. Twenty four seven is the. You know, Brad Kavanagh in his issues and. You know, it does make me think that the senators don't have time to study science never or the interest and really don't have a good grasp of science. Maybe they took one course thirty forty fifty years ago and science and never really updated themselves on their own. And you know, I don't wanna pick on Trump. He's already gotten blamed for the recent hurricane in the Washington Post. And then my comment would be you said the nuclear industry was traditional and I think it's like a lot of people a potential disaster waiting to happen. I know it doesn't contribute to climate increased CO two if you look at channel that's still only buried, it's still active. It's never been contained. Nobody can go within fifty miles. So the place all these years later. So you take New York, for example, you've got Indian point right near them this big metro area or something ever happened with that. Then what happens to New York City? So you got a whole bunch of things there. I think there were three of them one was what are we doing with ocean temperature measurements, the the national Shattuck and Atmospheric Administration has I think they are the ones who put out these diving measuring devices, I forget the name of them again. But they have thousands of them out there now, but they've only been deployed for about twelve to fifteen years. So we really only have data on ocean. Temperatures from measurements over the last twelve to fifteen years before that it was just, you know, people take them on ships and kind of measurements are going around and those who aren't very accurate. The. Then you said about what's let's see the third one was a nuclear plants. I think one of the big issues with nuclear plants that they need need to solve it need to be able to shut down automatically. We still have plants. Most of the ones around the world that are relying on cooling systems, and if the cooling systems say fail like happened to this anomaly, and Japan, then we have a chance for a big meltdown. So that problem needs to be solved. The other big problem with nuclear is is just frankly natural gas is so darn cheap right now nobody'll build a nuclear plant. And I think the third one was satellites well, you said something about governments. And what's your third question? John. I think. Defeated about five times in the US congress. I think the majority of arguably more than half of the United States are members of congress right now do not think logo warming is a dangerous problem. Most of those around the Republican side, of course. And as I mentioned, we have we have we now have climate revolts if you will in Australian Antero, so I think I think political leaders are starting to get it. This has been a disaster crisis for more than twenty years now, and we're really not seeing the disaster. So hopefully, I've covered most your issues. I think Steve the biggest problem we've got is an ex flare from the sun that could wipe out our power grid in render us useless forever that that's possible. Probably a big explosion there. Again, if the if all those volcanoes go off, and they had Arctic and melt, a big bunch of south of of the peninsula down there that could be an issue. This many many things that could occur. Again, we need to adapt as well. We skin and the biggest one is an ice age. Boy, I like this warm weather folks, I do not want to see the start of the sage we've got we've got a guest Robert Felix. Who believes we're in the early stage of an ice age. Who knows Walter and Pennsylvania taken away while go ahead. By Georgia, needless to say, great to talk to you once again, George. Thank you, Walter. Georgia with all due respect. Mr. gorham sounds a lot like. Back to Tim ball. George with all due respect to Mr. gorham. I don't think that Dr Paul Erlich has been discredited at all. I think George I think it's just common sense. About the human population of this planet tonight increase in tonight them now. George we share this planet with myriad other species. Modern Niagara culture may have the ancient bane of of. Modern. I culture consumers much natural habitat in Africa. The human population is driving the elephant to extinction just as in this country. You know, we have largely erotic hated the great heard so buffalo bisons. So, you know, not so you you couldn't have twenty million. The great bison herds that used to be twenty million in a heard you couldn't have them. They would be compatible with our culture where the bikes informally wrong. We have expansion fields of corn and soybeans and wheat. So. You know? I just think it's common sense that the human population cannot increase ad infinitum. Well, there comes a point Steve is there not that? You know, you can't have a population of twenty billion people on the planet. No. You can't. And and you make good points. Well, but the the the predictions are now that we're going to level off about ten and a half billion. There is no doubt that we've radically transformed the surface of the earth. We are certainly have done that and taking over large portions of it. And I think we had sixty million bison at one time estimates those days are gone. There are some good news. There are some good news, by the way. Dr like one said if he was a betting man, he predicted that by the year two thousand England with no longer exist because of population growth, he's one of the guys that's maybe been wrong. The most times publicly in history. There are some good. There are some good news things. One is we actually reached peak agricultural land. According to United nation state of the the total amount of land being cultivated or as pasture land peaked in the year two thousand and is now slowly declining even with the population growth farmers can grow so much there so productive that they don't need to put so much land into cultivation second by the year. Twenty fifty we're going to have global forest re-growth a net. Global forest regrows on the planet force are still shrinking but in two thirds of the world's Nations United States, western Europe. Russia China, we have forest growth or stable for us. So there are some good signs. The trends are good. But yeah, we're not going to go back to the days. When most of the world was uninhabited. We had all forests. And we had all the bison that just won't happen. What's happening with rising sea levels? So sea levels have been rising for the last twenty thousand years, you can go to to NASA their website and see that data. They've risen a three hundred ninety feet one hundred and twenty meters since the last ice age. No, scientists can tell you when natural sea level rise stopped and man made sea level rise began right now the rice is about seven inches per century. That's been going for the last couple hundred years any politician hotels. You he knows how to stop sea level rise. I'd hold onto your wallet. We need to adapt to rising oceans, we're not going to be able to stop that. And that is largely driven by natural factors obvious. Sleep has happened in the past because there were discovering ancient cities that are under water. There have been some. Well. Yeah, there if you look at I think, it's episodes in Turkey. If you look at at PISA, both of those cities are about there are some some indications that the seas were higher at one point in time as well. Those are about five miles from the coast, but the stork accounts pizza used to be a big core. A big port. In in north west Italy. And this used to be a port as well. So there was some times when the oceans were higher. But again, this is something we need to adapt to we're not gonna stop the sea level rise. So matter what they what they think in California Rousson Woodland Hills. California's with us. Hi, bruce. Go ahead. Hi, george. Thank you for taking my call. Hi, Steve, Bruce before I I wanna talk about the war climate change. But before I get into I just kinda liked to mention perhaps a lot of listeners that aren't aware is the global elites that run. This country are masters at keeping us completely oblivious. And dumped what's really going on the word climate change is a narrative we hear all the time. The weather stations a news article scientists that is not the proper word the word is abrupt climate collapse. And we never hear about the word climate engineering. He's our programs now that have been in effect for over seventy years, and they've been ramped up over the last twenty years. This is the aerosol injections. They're spraying God knows. How many millions of tons of aerosols? Anyone could just look up into sky. If they don't doubt this. Harp technology is and you know, if anyone wants to prove to himself, I can tell you how to do it. First of all anytime, you watch the news you are watching at a manufactured. Why you're not seeing the real Noah weather, satellite mats, that we used to see many years ago, we're seeing animated cartoon, but there's a site. I it's a YouTube one Pacific Redwood that this guy is obviously a former meteorologist he keeps it honest his name, but he is showing actual weather. Satellite maps. But here's the thing. That's interesting. You can see storm fronts hurricanes tropical storms, low pressure zones coming directly in the California and they're being blocked, and it's being blocked by harp technology, which are ground-based atmospheric heaters..

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