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Of rain forest many of this year's forest fires were set by people who invaded indigenous lands Catherine Osborne reports on how native Brazilians are forming alliances to fight back. she green is a twenty year old school teacher from results should convene indigenous group he lives in a village in the Amazonian state of pada that was covered by smoke from forest fires in the past few weeks he spoke to me from there via what sap Christian America. the one four mile the smoke spread across all of this you can land but does that the people who set the fires should not even be allowed on the territory because it's a federal indigenous reserve in one clean lines on but it'd been invaded by illegal lockers and squatters who want to claim the land for themselves better says police had been unusually slow to stop them he blames the rhetoric of Brazil's president Wilson model share your balls on idol Balsamo has long said he thinks native Brazilians have too much land is government cut funding for the environmental authorities who should be able to stop invasions so far this year the number of forest fires in addition as lance has shot up eighty eight percent more than during the same period last year scientists say it points to a rise in trespassing. back you know Bob Baffert's from the federal government looking after me Derrick Dillard and more information more forest fires more land grabbers undertaking that ice is an agronomist with the Amazon environmental research institute he says also notice action since taking office in January signal to people who want to illegally slash and burn federal forests that they can get away with it after international outcry last month about fires in the Amazon also not announced he would step up efforts to combat environmental crime dip veal salt it keep our meals the US forces are mothers he pledged support against illegal activities in the forest mobile sonata was giving his speech needy of Brazilians including the shipping we're taking their own steps to protect their land back to travel over two hundred miles to a village were fourteen different indigenous groups held a three day summit some of the tribes had fought each other in the past but they recognize they were now facing a common threat my duty at the majority were suffering land invasions specter said and authorities were not defending the reserves the way Brazilian law requires thanks to all of these main please I want strategies several of them including the she green had worked with Brazil's indigenous affairs agency and with state prosecutors to sue for police protection another tactic to reach discussed was broadening their appeals for help the record a video which they had subtitled in English in quantum Ono has any kind of a woman named Khan speaks in front of the different groups each in their own traditional body paint she wears a crown of yellow feathers and has a red mask painted across her eyes game which is there Kate Voegele think he has a sheet about flies the bill muscimol the G. V. that apple does this thing this three we're going to defend our way of life she says of producing without destroying Motown also lab and the tribes cold in the world to fight alongside them. to return to his village we work with his brother to record another video translating a message from their chief to state authorities I've been. yeah son whose idea this waters are sending a. he said. a few days later a judge ruled in favor of the she cleans case ordered federal police to remove the invaders better says it shouldn't have to take all this for indigenous lands to be protected by home with that but as long as it does he says they won't stop fighting.

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