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Thanks to Marianna and Matthew for sharing their story and we hope they get home safe and soon and thank you to Juliet. Four sharing hers. That was the big story you know by now. We're covering corona virus every day from our own makeshift home studios and we're trying to stay healthy and stay sane to hear more you can go to the big story podcast dot ca or you can say hi to us anytime on twitter at the Big Story. F. B. If you want to talk to me. My handle is at the game sheet. You should also know by now that we want to hear from you. If you're staying home how have you been passing the time? I hope you have enough supplies. Tell us what you bought. You can send a short audio clip from your phone. You can send video to. We'll just use the audio to the big story podcast all one word at our CI DOT Rogers Dot Com. I'll leave you today with a clip from your favorite guest host of this. Shell expert listening. I'm Jordan Heath Rawlings. We'll talk tomorrow. Hey Big story family. It's your sometimes. Guest hosts airpost filed here reporting from my home in these Stewart. Got a seventeen month old boy here at home that I'm trying to take care of since his daycares close so he's not getting to see his friends and I'm getting to play this same youtube video over and over and over again that you might hear him Listening to grabbing the laptop screen pointing dancing. It's really cute but it's It gets a little bit tired after fifteen times in a row Anyway my husband are trying to make it work I'm Kinda doing my writing half of the day while he takes care of our son and I do the parenting shift the childcare shift after that on. There's some work in the evenings but there's also a wine because we're all just trying to get through this. Yeah that video. He's at a our sons that are really funny as where he's super cute and hilarious but he's also into absolutely everything so. I'm working really hard but we're making the best of it and I hope all the rest of you are too sending lots of love and strength and hope you're getting some rest as well from social media and just in general naps are amazing. Take care guys bye..

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