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So we're back that was quite the conversation with Stacy dean an important conversation I mean we want to get to this stuff as it's happening obviously it's really important for you listening to know that you know every day every week every month there's something going on that's affecting policies that affect you and when we talk about having a food secure Michigan if we pretend like we have fewer people in poverty than we actually have we're not gonna solve this problem so again I understand these are complex issues there's a lot of math involved there's some things that are very good about the chain the index verses the one we're using now we've got a look at all of that and how it comes together but as it's happening now I think we can say it's it's gonna make the problem worse not better just to pretend that there is less people in poverty than there actually are you know I can't imagine any leadership scenario where ignoring a problem are defining the problem in accurately leads to a great solution right and we've I mean again many times address this issue of how the poverty measure is already flawed and it's challenging to change it because so many things are hooked to it well by the same token by changing the index which the same many things are hooked to and not really thoroughly looking at what is this going to do for the people that are really going to be impacted by it I think that's a mistake so we want people to let their legislators now that this isn't a good idea just to take this one piece of it and try to push it through so if you want to know who to contact hosts dot gov and Senate dot gov we'll give you a way to find out who to contact to say this isn't a good idea because if we want people to work instead of getting assistance we have to have policies that are going to help keep them at work this isn't going to be one of them at least the way it looks now no it's not in its is is again I think going back to what Stacey said if it's a if it's a policy that. UPS lift people out and become self sufficient it's a good policy if it's holding them back or trapping them in poverty is a bad policy and it shouldn't be an option I guess it's time for a little food for thought. the United States women's soccer team recently won the World Cup an amazing accomplishment by any standard at halftime of the match between the US and the Netherlands it was zero two zero our Neil to kneel the US one two two zero but what if late in the game the leaders of the world caught decided that the Netherlands could use their hands but the US team couldn't. and the result was the Netherlands one five two zero we Americans would be enraged that would violate so many of our core values that we would probably invade and conquer the Netherlands if someone could show us where they are on a map. I doubt most of us could find it to me that is exactly what is happening to the working poor families in America the administrative change proposed by the current administration is not right it's not good policy it isn't just it is it best and it is an American we give one another a hand up an occasion if need be we will even give each other a hand out it is who we are we come alongside one another we help one another we stand by and stick together with one another we don't ignore redefine and act as though someone doesn't exist the facts of the matter do not support this re classification.

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