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Hi welcome back to saba reasons militias life. I'm ran living a few weeks ago after we released the second part of the albert gonzalez's series by came across this interesting tweet from one of our listeners. In clearly allman wrote quote. Greatest hacker in the world soup. Nazi was a lot of things calling him. That is ignorant. He wasn't even the brightest hacker in his own circle of friends in reply sherry davidoff. Our guest in the series wrote quote agreed that he wasn't super technical but as prosecutors said he was quote unparalleled in that he didn't just get heck done. He got a heck done. He got the exfiltration of the data done he got the laundering of the funds done. He was a five tool player and later replied with rebuttal of his own. But the reason why i mentioned the short conversation has nothing to do with. How good of a hacker gonzalez was. I mean there's no hecker rating system that we can use to figure out who was the best hacker ever peck in basketball. We have real bonafide statistics shots. Mrs whatever and my daughter and her friends still can't agree on who was the best. Nba player ever michael jordan or lebron james but almost tweet got me thinking about the relationship between a hacker and the technological environment. He or she operates. Take for example. Kevin mitnick who did most of his hacking in the early ninety s the technological landscape back then was very different from our current one. The internet for example was still pretty young if we could magically transport young mitnick to our current time would he still be as successful as he was back. Then by the way kevin. If you're listening to this. I'd love to hear your thoughts about this question..

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