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Time. You could say Mookie Betts shor-short because I mean, he's made some catches that you get only just gawk at in right field over the wall. Diving catches what he did against Houston. You could actually you could make a case for all three of the Red Sox. They're all citing players unintended is great to watch. I mean that the the the catch to end the game three of the of the AL DS against the against the spectacular Astros. Benintendi was was one of the greatest baseball players. I've seen defensively. I mean, that's talk about exciting. Yeah. I mean, that's exciting is on literally office chair. I think a game saving a caption the game. Like a diving catch to more than a walk off home run. Yeah. Especially on the road. The crowd. That says I think that's exciting as they play king possibly get out. Will you just full extension lay out for a catch to end the game? There was another one last yesterday afternoon Lorenzo Cain robbed the home run to end the game. Like a walk on walk off out. It's very accelerated outfielder Lorenzo Cain sensational. I outfielder there's. Yeah, I mean well. You see more and more the athletes going the outfield because the way baseball is. Now right launch angle launch angle you see strikeouts. You see walks, and you see a lot of fly balls. I mean, look it's still important to have that great defensive shortstop. But there's not going to be as many places to the shortstop as they've been in the past because pitchers are striking out more players walking more players. But then the outfielder second baseman regularly fall asleep at time waste and the other thing too. Is you make an error shortstop? Yeah. You get the opportunity. Maybe turn a double play, whatever. It's generally one base. You make an error in the outfield. You turn out into a triple when that gets the whole thing rolling. Yep. That's problematic. I know who Christian would vote for I don't know Christian vote for he doesn't like anyone. But out of these four choices who you voting for element. Okay. Wow. That's surprising. I just like element. I think he's like Dirk dog whatever you wanna call. It won't surprise you. Probably we're going to tweet Nunez was on the no nonsense Nunez. Newton is doesn't have this waiting because you don't know. He doesn't know what he's no let me fall. But element is has a folk following Nunez doesn't have that yet on it though. I think I'm the only one I think the president and only member of the new. Here's why I think obviously great player. Weighing you're talking about exciting in football. I like the Jaka rack in terms of in terms of your statement. And he's not really ever going to give you that. That's just not as. Yeah. Okay. Beckham junior water. It's fine. But I also like after the game when they do like the miked up, and you hear them bitching and complaining a yellow I love that. That's part of it. You'll Jeff is important. And that's part of we're not doing on the field. And he's got that mary-anne when he's going back and forth with the falcons. All that's priceless. It's great is. Yeah. So to me, that's all part of it. Yes. You hear in the moment. But it's. Learfield. Eshelman he sets a physical tone on that team. And he's five ten maybe two hundred pounds. And he wasn't it gets the charges. He got away when he should've been wrapped up a knockdown, pony bulldog. I. Outstanding blocker. So really I mean, he's he's one of the top. That says. Yeah. Concussion. He's gonna play unless doll literally dragged him off the field. So I mean, I would have voted for Marcus smart. If we had a vote for inciting dives on checking on threes. I love it. Yeah. Has like his own brand the. Eleven or whatever. So like pop up just up a nice shop in TB twelve. Harry's brands little bit bigger, it's big shoe weights being or is it is it's big. But I like more like, it's a personal. I think that's probably how you it. Like, kyrie. Moore's I'm telling you guys, I know again, sometimes I'm the fifty five year old guy that x twenty one because I really love basketball. I love the players playing today. I think the the skill set of the players today is better than ever. And I also think there's more great players now than ever also at the all star teams, you just go back, and you Alan Houston made a lot of all star team James a good shooter. But. Our team. Yeah. So there's a lot of great talent in the NBA. I think Kyrie you can make a case of the most exciting Celtic I've seen the only one I would put there and it's a different skill set. It's bird because he was just so he was a freak a six ten guy who could shoot like that could pass like that who had that. I that LeBron and magic have so. Yeah. Those would be the two Paul Pierce was great. But he played kind of an old man game. If they had if Garnett was your longer, maybe Garnett who's another second Tom Brady, though in the sense that he so efficient and so professional athletic career. I'll give you Ron does. Exciting players was exciting there. He may be the most exciting player on that team because triple double great passes. Right. But does he play another reason why don't choose Kerry because he's really most Celtic is leaving. He's gone. Well, he's he's. No. But so either, but he doesn't care. He's not gonna be enough. So Pasternak, it's no-votes. Yes. No, Pat passenger. I is hockey doesn't do it mastering. I'll tell you. Why? That's your phone. Well, here's the thing the hat trick Henrik. So I I'm very. You guys were both there they missed the game you could've pasternack, but Pasternak I don't recall the last time the Bruins had someone like that. See that's the part. I look at this. The Celtics were winning in the eighties. You know, they weren't the most athletic team. They were great basketball team. But even like Dennis Johnson. Wasn't a great athlete. Robert Parish Travis got up and down the court. Well, Kyrie such a joy to watch. The Bruins have always had you know, the big bad. Bruins dump the puck in Milan Lucci in there. They're taking someone's head off nearly was fun to watch. Because he was a big strong guy was also skilled forks, but those those guys were really efficient pros, you know, hard players Pasternak. I don't recall the last time probably you have to go back to Rick Middleton. The last time the Bruins had a sniper like a guy that just on the power play you feed them Allah Alexander Ovechkin and it's a goal. A pure snake. More fun to watch than Sagan was when he was here. Sagan could have been better than. Sagan has probably reached about eighty percent of his potential. He's a disappointment to me because I love his game. Because again, I think he's better with the puck and Pasternak. He's not quite the goalscorer Pasternak is. But Sagan, I think he's just you know, I wonder if he loves hockey, you know, what I'm saying very skilled women. Oh, yeah. Well, I've made nine million a year and looked like that. I'd be right there with them. Good for him Pasternak likes women. But I wonder if Sagan loves hockey's much, as you know, these guys that turned out to be really great player. So I I would go pasternack only because to this Bruins team. No one's talking about it. And yet. They're legitimate Stanley Cup contenders. They really are. I mean, they they blow out the Rangers. The other night that game against Tampa. They're up for two in the third period. They had a rough third period against a team that was bringing it that night Tampa Bay with the best record. And they they lost by goal on the road. I you know, I think this team has a real chance to to win the Cup which is saying a lot. Well, consider the division. They're in what qualifies as success for the Bruins. And what qualifies a failure in the postseason? You gotta be Toronto in that first round. You've got to be Toronto. In the first round you beat him last year now Toronto's added Jonathan virus. But you're better than you were last year. They are the Bruins are better than they were last year. They have two viable lines. I was talking with Justin Peletier, our sports editor who loves hockey in knows hockey. And what they've been able to do is they've taken Pasternak and put him on the second line. It's really not the second line. But with David Krejci, those two guys have great chemistry together, you leave Berge Iran with marshawn and now you can bring. Hainan up gives you a little sandpaper on the first line and on the second line. With crunchy and posture knock then can use. The brusque. So now, you've got to viable lines. You're also healthier on the blue line than you were last year. And I think if you're goaltender has some problems in the postseason, Bruce Cassidy will not be afraid to you know. Pull the trigger and go with Haluk during a game or starting another game. So I think they've got a there's gotta be Toronto. Yes. So that goes back what caused five sixty says is is failures the Toronto shares because then after that. But then is it successful? If you just get to the second round man, not in the city. I know you're playing you're playing Jarrett to win. If this is the Rangers are some team that's playing in a city that it's not winning a lot recently. No, not in the city. You know, you've got the defending. I mean, they sort of circumstance in terms of city they play in. And also, even though you have the second best record in hockey. You're you're playing the you're the division with the team with the best record by far. Right. So yeah, I it's it's going to be painted as a failure. It will they lost last year five games to Tampa. I mean, if it goes seven, and they lose that really improved games better. But this Boston this is not any other city right now where people want championship. So success failure is is not getting to the Cup or failure. Now winning the co if they get to the Cup they'll be favorable consider is success just getting there or do. They have to the way they play the season is winning the Cup failure at that point. They got to win the Cup. Yeah. If they get to the finals and the playing don't San Jose, whoever copper bus is basically what you're saying. Because of us since Martin since January first. Have been every bit as good as Tampa. They're setup their fairly healthy, especially on the blue line. You've got the gold tank situation. You feel good about you have to legitimate lines. That would be number one lines on any team. And you third lines pretty damn good to right? And you've got a coach that you know, is not afraid to make changes in game in between games. Yeah. I think it's a lot of pressure on that team going, and they could lose the Toronto in the first round. That's what's infuriating the way. It's set up. But that's the fun part about hockey in Toronto's got the six best record in hockey. Great just happen. I'll be in the same division. Yeah. So I think that that's really a case. So I'll go with Pasternak only because I don't recall the last time the Bruins had a player quite like that. I'd have to go back to Rick Middleton. And that was in the seventies and eighties, and you're not willing to say Sagen. No, no Sagan skill level was there. But again, he be he's the Josh Rosen of now, maybe he's done more than Josh. Still put up. Good numbers in Dallas. Right. Yes. You put up better numbers at Boston University in ten Boston University. But I think he was successful at Boston University. If you know what I mean? Yeah. Yeah. I get what you're saying. It's loved them. How do you know that? I know I know things are the Celtics have released a statement. Okay. On the two year ban DeMarcus cousins. Here we go on January twenty six we were alerted by DeMarcus cousins said a fan had used racially offensive language towards him immediately upon receiving the complaint the fan who was a minor was ojected. Oh, that's not good. That makes it makes. It really troubling that a minor Torino good the following day per hour policy regarding any report fan behavior, complaint the team initiated an exhaustive investigation of the incident that include reviewing video for multiple angles and identifying numerous fan security personnel and police in the immediate vicinity. And of course, this investigation we were able to conclude that the fan had been verbally abusive towards Golden State bench. But none of the injuries. Parties were able to verify the use of racially offensive language and video evidence proved inconclusive based on our investigation. The fan was issued a two year ban from all Celtics games is also subject to a lifetime probation pursuant to our policy the punishment for any corroborated discriminatory language. Use. Towards any player employee or fantasy game is a lifetime band. We were in contact with the warriors.

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