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Mean portland so hot rydin versus red bull hey don't don't you are you disparaging the atlantic cup right now is that what it's called that got even know he's been around since the beginning it's not the trillium cup watch your mind what are we calling it land orlando i don't know but it's that game i was thinking about flirting with disaster like good southern rock title wow no maybe georgia lan that's the generational gap that is the way like all right let's get all right first of all i would i would applaud you with your take on dc night it was good to see emotional of a fan the sevi the fan and we're that on your sleeve and i was there as an analyst he was okay hey explain even gonna be on explained this first of all you don't have to you don't have to respond to that and i will say this because i mentioned it as we went to break how hercules likes to you know push some buttons with their it's me your you know then steve nicol after you said you're not keen about getting wayne rooney goes who who do you want and then and then hurt goes laughing was that steve hertz always one who do you want i didn't that's a pretty good stevie nickel right there i i i was not prepared to go on tv that day i was just up here for some world cup security meetings i think you could tell by the glasses and the sweater while and they haven't shaved and the borrowed and the borrow jacket for her that was great.

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