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Jack on the sideline warming up and he comes and does his own chip routine an LLC take the points in L. Traffic. Oh what does this mean Karl? Does. This change the landscape of major league soccer for the rest of this year? Is this the sort of like? Ground shaking development that I feel it is or was I just like that? My head buried for three months and didn't know what was going to be back what can I say? He looked a step slow to me he looked he looked step off he didn't look game sharp. You didn't look game fit and he still looked to steps better than everyone else. I often think he he looked he didn't get in touch with his first touch a couple of times. He wasn't able to kind of really burst the way that we're used to seeing him and it just kind of left him open these still gets dragged down for the for the foul He's still able to gain that edge. He looked even on the goal. It was kind of like maybe even a little unsure for a moment and then the right foot ship to the back post. So it's like he's just that talented and and I think you are right we'd be. I think it does change the picture dramatically and I think because of LLC system has been so successful and celebrated over the past that we've sort of forgotten how much difference one player can make, and just even the way when I saw him come on with Bradley. Wright. Phillips an Rossi on the left hand side the way that they were able to interchange interact. We saw even on the goal the way that Bradley Phillips was able to drive into the heart of the into the defense I mean that looks real scary for the rest of the League. The scary thing to me and you're you're right killing. I agree with all that just like kind of internally giggling at the notion of Carlos Vela, maybe just embracing the senior role for the rest of the year like you have to chase around briant Rodriguez for fifty, five, sixty minutes an envelope comes on he's rested..

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