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Well, first, the first thing I'm going to do differently at him is I'm not going to trust the UFC PI to do my meals again because then I know I'm not going to get poisoned two days before the biggest fight of my life and be puking my guts up 20 times. So that's the first adjustment that I'm going to make. The second one is I'm going to wrestle more because I know who's been scared to wrestle with me. He knows if he gets in scrambles and we have to wrestle and it gets we have to dig deep. He's going to be too tired and he's going to fatigue and it strikes aren't going to be as powerful and he's going to quit. He's a quitter at the end of the day. You just have to take him those deep waters. And last fight I didn't take him to the deep waters because I was sick man. I got food poison two days before the fucking fight. And third, the third adjustment is we're not going to have Mark not so Goddard. Saving his fucking life. That second round, when I kicked him in the liver, he would have been finished. I rocked him a minute before that. And then I kicked him in the liver and his liver was shutting down. He was quitting. He would have, I would have put so many strikes against the case. He would have just gave up. It would have been a TKO there. But no, Mark Goddard saved his life through my life raft and he did it again with the fake eye Pope when he was faking out on the other eye. And you know, so I'm going to have a competent ref that calls the fight fairly and it's down the middle. And you know, besides that I've made a lot of adjustments in my striking game, you know, keeping my hands up a lot more fakes. You know, just a lot more death to my striking game that people are going to see soon. And all thanks to Colby Covington and corporated. Now Rashad Evans opening up his own gym in Florida. Are you going to bring him in? Shit, I might have to, man. I heard he had a fallout with those men who's been treated him like shit. And it's sad because Rashad always had to lose his back. He put, you know, fake newsman on his couch when fake newsman had nowhere to stay and no money and, you know, he brought him up and gave him a gym and gave him an opportunity and helped him out and worked with him. And then for Uzbek had to turn his back and think he's bigger than Rashad and think he's, you know, God's gift to earth because that's what everybody says, you know, the fake newsman thinks he's just better than people now. It's just sad. So, you know, maybe I will hire Rashad. I've always had respect for him and I respect his accomplishments and also dean Thomas started his own gym. I know that dean trains woodley, but I don't think he'd be a post training you. As long as he's not fighting anymore, that might be a dean Thomas. Never heard of him. He was a trainer at your gym. Come on, dean Thomas. Amazing fighter. You have some fighters. Possibly a Hall of Famer. Yes, dean Taylor. I don't know, I don't have that in front of me, but I'm sure I'm sure Joe. I think I remember that guy. His name was didn't do nothing..

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