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'bout breathing looking at the beauty around you instead of craning your neck downward to the smartphone we went to a concert last week at the for us and center here people that pay hundreds of dollars to be on the floor of this concert every one of the almost to a person has the cell phone in front of their faces recording sirte wanting to just wait for the video release they'll release it on dvd eventual they're not really thing no they're not experiencing their hands are experiencing it via television via a screen when the person is right in front of you but that's me selfdestruct or raymond don't don't glide by this concerts of who who pray tell did you see god zero listened to your show i confess this and went very well maybe not everybody listening now heard you on friday it was a barry manilow concert that the truth i love it i'll say it again that amazing energy i did not expect him to be in the incredible voice he was in the children turned to make money alternative it's said he's things better than the elbow i heard it on on a cd now as nine she was she's their shaking the glocester it was an amazing family khan he's an amazing perform is just he is on a talaeh may not to be enjoyed via the cell right you just hold their rightly none of rock concert do the same thing ridiculous rock concerts movies movie movie threats against the law is against the law you can't do that a movie i told you when i was a monument in antigua than the storm through knocked out the wifi as soon as it came back on three hundred people are crammed into a twenty by 20 hotel room checking their facebook so we got only could they only got one room mike said so they all these people wonder kishan they all go into the one room the paradise with white sandy beaches in a bar stock that's free no don't facebook no they're all their own a graham this year listening to the laura ingraham show dumbing down america this cell phone the the the constant turned on technology killing the curiosity the american american people i sorry i i think i agree with us i agree with this subject as this objective manner in an.

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