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Is accused of inciting an insurrection at the Capitol. CBS News correspondent Lily at Luciano has more on this story and closing arguments for President Trump's impeachment. Defense attorney Bruce Castor focused his efforts on presenting Trump as a pro law and order president president clearly deplores rioters and political violence and did so throughout his term as president. He did little to address why the president wouldn't stop writers immediately upon them storming the Capitol. He also argued that if the Attack on the Capitol was premeditated. The president's words on that day could not have pushed his followers into action. The January 6 speech did not cause the riots. The president did not cause the riots, and he dismissed claims that the former president tried to interfere in the Georgia election Results. Leela Luciano CBS News And more news. Now with KFBK is Joe Michael City authorities and Amador County are charging a man with murder after they found the bodies of two women in separate storage facilities. Sheriff's investigators were following up on reports of a missing woman who'd been in a dating relationship with suspect Detectives interviewed Dante Michael Campbell of I own and later got to search warrants for his home and an RV started the nearby facility. The missing woman's body was found in the RV detectives later found a second missing woman in a separate storage facility. After getting a third search warrant. Campbell is in jail without bail. Over. 19 scrapped the minor league baseball season last year. As a result, the Sacramento River Cats remain the defending national champions. If because John Brown eyes he tells us the club got more exciting news today. The San Francisco Giants are extending their minor league affiliation with the river cats for another decade. Club GM Chip Maxon says it means some of the best young talent in the game will continue to fine tune their craft in Sacramento before moving up something which can be bittersweet. You get attached, you get to know these guys their families and hear their stories. So many of them give up of their time and energy. You know, here in Sacramento in our community, Maxine says there's still uncertainty this year amid the pandemic, but he is optimistic. We hope to see a schedule here and in the next week or two, and then as we get closer to this season, we look forward to working with our local health officials to see Just how we can have a river cat season this year. The affiliate deal, announced Friday comes after a major reorganization of the minor leagues during the off season. John Byrne is e news. 93.1 KFBK Valentine's Days, You know is this Sunday, and those who are single and looking need not despair. So, says dating expert sharing Schweitzer, who believes people are still finding love amid the pandemic, she says. It's a great time to take your time and really get to know that someone you're interested in. Make sure you do a video date. On the platform before you agree to meet in person. Try, sir says people often have different rules for dating than especially for meeting up, so it's important to advertise what you're comfortable with as soon as possible. If you have problems breaking the ice, she says, there are plenty of resource is online to help guide the conversation. It's 5 34 on the kfbk. Afternoon news with Kitty O'Neil. All right, Joe Michael's there. Thank you. And Caitlyn Jenner has no plans to run for governor of California. Reality TV stars Name was brought up in some GOP circles is a potential candidate. The longtime Republican and former Olympians manager shut those rumors down. On Thursday. Soviet Hutchins telling Politico Caitlin has never considered running for governor. Okay. Action says that Caitlin is very happy in her work, promoting LGBT rights and spending time with her Children and grandchildren. It's 5, 35 and KFBK. Let's get caught up on this hour's top national stories on news down to 3.1 kfbk. Way Senate reconvenes tomorrow morning Mr Trump's legal team presenting his case today, ABC is congressional correspondent Rachel Scott.

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