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The ropes them boom they come up with something and they made some huge threes after you tip had momentum for middle tennessee lyon at one point nine rebounds rebecca route or three points also abby semin had four points 3 rebounds he played 45 minutes also lyon play 40 minutes jeff slow to eleven points ten boards he had a double double at 40 minutes katie collier two points to boards and ten minutes jordan majors 3point street boards and 27 minutes anna jones kept soaring like it was going on a style from the from the wings downtown thirty points four rebounds in thirty minutes and the rest of the players were scoreless by quarters middle tennessee and you chapa were tied at seven apiece after one second quarter the blue raiders the 13th quelled edge their third quarter nineteen to ten middle tennessee and finally the fourth quarter you tip sixteen to fifteen and bench points middle tennessee outscored you tip thirty three to sixteen and the second chance points 1202 nothing middle tennessee over the miners they also outraged did the miners 34 28 and another interesting stat in the paint how 'bout you tep 28 tate over middle tennessee final thoughts tracy before we assign off here on this saturday afternoon plays this was the tough thinking here at the end of the half utecht downwind state i hadn't scored they shot the ball so poorly felt like there they had a decent chance in the second half i did any way by credit middle tennessee they came out in continued to just use all kinds of defensive pressure they got a lot of turnovers they pressured in the backcourt they they just really did what they were supposed to do you tep on the other hand was not able to execute offensively at all just had a horrible sheeting afternoon and could not find a way to defend middle tennessee three that was that was it let's hope they can do a better job than to say.

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