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The week on the Pat McCrory show. Thank you so much for having us all right. Ed Price and Tony Marciano here on the Pat McCrory show the big finishes Next brought to you by Felix about us. Mercedes Benz of South Charlotte, right now Traffic and Pam Warner. All right. We are seeing a few minor slowdowns on the roadway is Central Avenue East Way. Drive that dealing with a wreck. Also an injury accident. Brookshire Boulevard ID Centre Street, some slowdowns in the 150 block of Easter forehead straight. That wreck looks like it does have some debris attached to it. Other than that things that seem to be doing okay. The weather is starting to change. Expect those red ways to get a little slick. Just be mindful of your speed is sickness, sometimes just on our heads, or we legitimately sick, joined Dr Ernst as he discusses the mind over matter approach to healing and the power of the mind holds Over our wellbeing 3 P.m. this Saturday on Newstalk 11 10 in 99 3 w. VT. Pam Warner v T traffic. I'm Steve counts and that Wlbt news center security is now stepped up around the Charlotte Convention Center in preparation for next week's Republican National Convention events that will be taking place there. Heightened security and street closures uptown now through the rest of next week, some of the delegates already coming into Charlotte today, the nomination of President Trump expect to become Monday with the president accepting the nomination Thursday night. There's now an official Democratic Party presidential ticket after last night's final night of the Democratic National Convention after three runs for President Joe Biden is now the Democratic presidential nominee had the former vice president made this pledge. To the American electorate while I'll be a Democratic candidate. I will be an American president. I work hard for those who didn't support me as hard for them, as I did for those who did vote for me bite and also chastise the current president. President takes no responsibility. Refuses to lead blames others cozies up to dictators and fans the flames of hate and division, Biden promised to get America through the Kuroda virus pandemic, rebuild the US economy and heal the racial divide in Washington, John Decker Fox Universal Windows direct If you're looking to make a lasting investment in your home, or maybe your windows need a face lift. Do.

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