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Bucks assistant coach and member of that two thousand one team Darvin ham will join us in about fifteen minutes at eight forty so your chance to catch up with the one of the fan favorites here back in the early two thousands in late nineties and now a key member. Mike boot and Holzer staff here with the bucks. So we took a couple of questions on the big guys and brook Lopez THAAD maker. How they've performed here and whether or not Thon maker should get some more minutes. So one of the things that we briefly brought up was the way that this bench has really transformed here under my boot and holds earned his first year. Last year the bucks score just under twenty eight points per game. They're bucks the buck's bench. Did I should say twenty eight points per game. Just under that number only the thunder and timber wolves scored less from their second unit. This year the twenty third in the league, which you may say well only up a couple of spots. Right, but thirty six points per game. So they're getting almost ten points per game more from the second unit, and the other thing to keep in mind is this when you have a starting five with Yohannes with Chris Middleton. You can throw Eric Bledsoe in there. I mean, you figure to get sixty points tonight from those three guys. Let's round out the rest of the starting five. We're talking about eighty to eighty five points that you're getting from your starters. How much of an opportunity is that Lee for your bench? So the tricky thing with bench scoring I think the kings led the league last year run around fifty is most of the time the teams towards the top are not going to be towards the top of the standings. But when you look at the impact that this team has as long as you're not towards the bottom of the plus minus is the other thing to really look at for the bench. The bucks struggled in those areas. Not just last year, but the past few years. Twenty seven points per game from their bench last year. Again, only the thunder and timber wolves were worse thirty six this year. But what really jumps out his last year the bench had a plus minus of negative one point eight. Meaning when you went to the second unit, you're getting out scored by at least two points the entire time that that bench was on the floor this year, it's plus three. So a five point turnaround. Meaning instead of giving up a portion of the leader leading the team chip away at the lead that the starters have built up the bucks are building upon that lead. And I think a big reason why is the way that we've seen this second unit used here. So far four one four seven nine nine one six twenty s the accurate mortgage, talk and text line can text in your thoughts interact with us on Twitter as well. Tweet him in at TM j Garcia, and we are on Facebook will take your comments there. Ersan ilyasova. Just over nine points just under seven rebounds a game. Dante David Chen zoo who we have to carve some time out for has been outstanding eight points a game four rebounds a game, basically, two rebounds, twenty three minutes from her son. Twenty one minutes from Dante John Henson is played very well here, averaging six points and seven rebounds in fifteen minutes and your guy. Tony Snell has been terrific to and that's one of the things, you know, coming into this season here in looking at the things that Mike Boone Holzer was hoping to accomplish. Spacing the floor playing defense and knocking down three point shots. It seemed like this was tailor made for Tony Snell. And he has been a much different guy. The first nine games this season than what we saw last year. Do I get to take credit for that? At all may have been saying for three years now three years. Perfect system. You've been saying the system was perfect for three years. Now, I've just you know, just Tony's now. But the system is perfect for Tony snow. This this bud system. Seven points, two rebounds game looks a lot more confident. We've seen aggressive. Tony snell. We're seeing Tony Snell taking the ball to the basket. He went baseline firmly. John Henson, go baseline. I mean, people are going to point to the three point shooting that you're getting from John Henson. He joked to couple of days ago when? Just after practice that look I've always been a three point shooter. Just go back to my first summer league with his team, but you see John Henson. There was a play yesterday against the kings were John Henson caught it on the baseline and drove all the way to the hoop and had a reverse layup. The biggest difference with the bench. So we gave you those four guys who have really been the key cogs in that bench and the offense production. You're getting from them. The minutes to how it's much more consistent this year consider this last year. Jabari parker. Played twenty eight games off the bench, Malcolm Brogdon, played twenty eight games off the bench Jafari average, just under thirteen points. Malcolm Brogdon average thirteen exactly that was basically all the production. You got from your second unit. No other player who played at least twenty five games last year off the bench averaged more than four point three points per game for the bucks last year. Can you guess who that player was if you followed us and bucks courtside on Facebook that we did before the kings game? You would know who was the bucks bench player last year who played twenty five or more games and averaged four point three points per game third best scoring average from the.

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