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At least when you're talking about accessibility we've study on this and control pile in bait liquors where we have them to two point. Seven gram protein and lower protein group of mostly more veggies boiled potatoes pretty say shading foods and in that case there was basically no difference and if you other studies they find that like mushrooms are both per calorie and even volume sometimes more shading them. Meets for example. And i mean if you if you run the numbers you can be for example chicken breasts which depending on if you make it with a nice stacey sauce than it's very easy to a lot of chicken breasts volumes shrinks down a lot where you grill it and then one hundred gun chicken is nothing and for that you can have about six hundred grams zucchini. Which is a serious amount of zucchini the food. So you have a hundred calories that you have to fill in. you're hungry. I say generally six grams. Zucchini is going to be the way to go. Compared to two honored ulta grants with experts in these studies. Are you where if they used like meat. Or if they used like protein powder protein shakes a bit confounding factor. A lot of studies stay in general a lot of people thinking macanese only and the same macaluso jeans and a very society profiles depending on which foods you it away shake is not the same as chick. That's very ill prepared. It's like rubber. That's actually very say shitting and just.

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